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Haylee crowley

Haylee Crowley is the creator of Whimsy + Wellness, a line of essential oil bottles, crystals, and other natural tools that help her thriving customer base have fun with wellness. In four years, she’s grown Whimsy from a small shop on Etsy to a company with an annual revenue of over one million. Haylee’s known for her sell-out launches on her one-of-a-kind designs, her community-over-competition mindset, her laser focus on her customer, and her vulnerability and transparency: she’s shared often about how her first Etsy shop was a distraction from grief after a miscarriage. Today, Haylee and her husband, Russ, run the company surrounded by their three littles–and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meg Ryan

Hey, I’m Meg Ryan! Mama, dreamer, wildflower, and a 6w7 on the enneagram.

I’m a small-town girl from Upstate, NY., and a lover of wholehearted conversations, laughter, and Justin’s peanut butter cups (seriously, you have to try them). In high school, I was voted class clown and most gullible and I’d say those nominations definitely still hold up in my life today! While I love laughter and lightheartedness (that enneagram 7 wing is strong, friends) I’m also incredibly passionate about mental health and holding space for the grieving, as well as encouraging others to take the very stories that broke their hearts to light the fire towards finding their purpose and passions.

I was introduced to essential oils and natural health and wellness back in 2017 after years of struggling with chronic autoimmune illnesses. I was so inspired by what essential oils were doing for my own story that I couldn’t help but share them with everyone I knew.

When I had my sweet son, Acre in the Spring of 2020 I felt a nudge to explore other ways to support my little family and that’s when I joined the Whimsy + Wellness team!

Initially, I created content and strategy for the blog, Pinterest, and Instagram. One day, however, Haylee, our head of marketing Mary Beth, and I were all chatting on the Marco Polo app and found ourselves dreaming of what it might look like to have a Whimsy + Wellness podcast….as you can clearly see, we quickly launched that “what if” dream into a reality and the rest is history!

I love that quote about “leave people better than you found them” and that is my heart for both my life and this podcast. I hope all who listen walk away feeling “better” to some degree; inspired, seen, believed in, welcomed, encouraged, or maybe we simply made you smile or laugh. Either way, I’m so glad you’re here.

Thank you so much for listening along.

Xo Meg

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