There's a simpler way to do payroll...

One of the scariest things about growing a company is hiring people–there’s so much that goes along with it– the paperwork, keeping track of hours, getting people paid, HR reports, the insurance, end of year taxes! It was so overwhelming as a small business owner who had never had to deal with that before. And then I discovered Gusto. I LOVE Gusto’s simplicity.


I never dreamed of being where we are now, with 10 employees and 10 contractors across 6 states. The paperwork and legal jargon that comes along with hiring is INTIMIDATING and I am so thankful I found Gusto. It’s approachable and even fun (am I really saying that about paperwork?!) The people you hire will be the key to your growing business, and I think you’ll love the simplicity of Gusto to help you with that process as much as I do!

Why did I choose gusto?

Gusto makes everything very easy to understand, and whenever I’ve had questions their customer service is so good–you can talk to real human pretty quickly!
We’ve hired people in different states and Gusto keeps track of everything– direct deposit, new hire paperwork, time tracking, all of it. It’s just one more thing I don’t have to think of a small business owner.


If you’d like to try out Gusto for your small business, you’ll get a $100 visa gift card from Gusto after you run your first payroll!