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37. You Are Easy to Love: True Self-Acceptance With Body Image and Self Love Activist Jenna Rammell

You Are Easy to Love: True Self-Acceptance With Body Image and Self Love Activist Jenna Rammell

*Trigger warning*: This episode may be triggering for listeners who have battled or are currently battling any form of eating or body image disorders.

Have you ever hated your body? Or maybe you always have? We start receiving messages and comments about our bodies at a very young age. Those messages we receive, whether from media or the people in our lives directly or indirectly, imprint the way we think about and view ourselves and our bodies later on as pre-teens, teenagers, and adults. This has led to generations and generations of women struggling with eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and body hate.

Today I’m sitting down with Jenna Rammell, wife, mama, CEO of The Daily Essential Co., blogger at @jennaskitchen, a Presidential Diamond with Doterra Essential Oils, and a woman who has a story that so many can relate to; growing up hating her body and believing she was not enough.

You Are Easy to Love: True Self-Acceptance With Body Image and Self Love Activist Jenna Rammell
You Are Easy to Love: True Self-Acceptance With Body Image and Self Love Activist Jenna Rammell

Jenna joined me on this episode to bravely and openly share her personal journey from truly hating her body and being at war with it like so many of us are, to the place she’s at now with body acceptance, true self love and every step in between. She is extremely passionate about empowering women to love and believe in themselves and the message she wants everyone to know is, “you are easy to love!”

In this episode we discuss:

  • 9:44 Jenna’s past of hating herself and constantly being at war with her body
  • 11:56 How our thoughts create our feelings which create our realities
  • 15:31 Using meditation to change your thoughts
  • 21:30 Navigating and responding to comments and projections from others
  • 28:30 How gratitude and present living will change your life
  • 31:22 Shifting from trying to achieve self worth through goals to total self love and acceptance
  • 36:51 Truly defining self love and self acceptance
  • 40:48 You are easy to love
  • 45:44 How to love others well while still honoring ourselves
  • 51:33 Changing the way we talk about and treat bodies for the next generation

This is a conversation that we ALL need to pull up a chair to and participate in. We have the power to change how we look at, talk about, treat, and love our bodies and in turn how the women around us and after us do the same.

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