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25: How To Build A Heart-Centered Company Through Customer Service Excellence with Haylee Crowley & Mandy Farnsworth

The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
25: How To Build A Heart-Centered Company Through Customer Service Excellence with Haylee Crowley & Mandy Farnsworth

Here at Whimsy and Wellness, we get a lot of compliments on our customer service. Since the number one moral of the company is to take care of our Whimsy family from start to finish, we are incredibly proud that our values are appreciated. Whimsy strives to make every customer happy by the end of each interaction, so we thought it was time to share our process so we can help other companies spread positivity to their own customers.

In today’s episode, I am talking with our Founder, Haylee, and Whimsy’s very own Customer Service Extraordinaire, Mandy, who go in-depth on all things customer service. They’re giving us the inside scoop on why great customer service is the key to any business’ success, non-negotiables for customer interactions, and their number one rule of thumb when responding to customers.

During our conversation, we talk about the importance of empathy, how to build trust with your customers, and why you always need to be open to (and implement) customer feedback. Did I mention they’re sharing their five biggest takeaways for excellent customer service?



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Join Haylee Crowley, Creator of Whimsy + Wellness, and Meg Ryan, content creator at Whimsy + Wellness, to talk all things wellness, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and womanhood.


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