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34: Using Essential Oils to Manifest Abundance, Prosperity and the Life of Your Dreams

Using Essential Oils to Manifest Abundance, Prosperity and the Life of Your Dreams

Essential oils can be an incredible tool to add into and amplify your manifestation practice; and that’s exactly what I’ll be sharing about on today’s episode!

Last week, on episode 33, I interviewed Jenni Adishian, a manifestation advisor, on what manifestation is, the science behind how manifesting works, and of course the 5 steps for manifestation! If you enjoyed her interview, are passionate about the topic of manifestation, are interested in bringing essential oils into your manifestation practice OR are curious about their potential to inspire abundance, confidence, and prosperity, then this episode is for you!

Using Essential Oils to Manifest Abundance, Prosperity and the Life of Your Dreams
Using Essential Oils to Manifest Abundance, Prosperity and the Life of Your Dreams

In this episode we discuss:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 04:15 3 reasons to use essential oils for manifestation
  • 08:05 Using the clarifying power of Clary Sage essential oil to find clarity and set your intentions
  • 10:35 How to use Wild Orange essential oil for abundance and prosperity
  • 11:00 Abundance vs Scarcity mindset
  • 12:38 Take aligned action and reach your dreams with Ginger essential oil
  • 17:49 Believe in your worthiness and release emotional blocks with Jasmine essential oil
  • 19:05 Surrender to the process and harness confidence with Black Spruce essential oil
  • 21:31 Our favorite manifestation essential oil roller blend recipe
  • 22:20 Closing


Episode Resources:

  • Episode 33 – 5 Easy Steps to Manifestation and Creating the Life of Your Dreams with Manifestation Advisor Jenni Adishian
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