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43. Human Design for Beginners: Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors, Reflectors and Manifestors… Oh My! with Erin Claire Jones

Human Design for Beginners: Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors, Reflectors and Manifestors...Oh My! with Erin Claire Jones

Ready to learn the “must knows” about Human Design? Coach and Human Design guru, Erin Claire Jones is here to teach us the foundations of Human Design and how we can use our unique energetic makeup (or blueprint as Erin says!) to live in alignment in business, relationships, and life!

On this episode Erin walks us through:

  • What Human Design is
  • How we can use the knowledge of our human design type to live in alignment with our best self
  • How Human Design differs from the enneagram and other personality typings/tests
  • How to find out your Human Design type
  • The 5 Human Design Types + an overview of each (find your type HERE)
    • Manifesting Generator
    • Generator
    • Projector
    • Manifestor
    • Reflector
  • What our Human Design profile numbers are, what they mean, and a brief overview of each number
  • How to support the other Human Design types in our lives

And more!!

Human Design for Beginners: Manifesting Generators, Generators, Projectors, Reflectors and Manifestors…Oh My! with Erin Claire Jones

If you love learning about yourself, how you best operate and how to best support your loved ones – you’re going to love this episode!

Connect with Erin:

Instagram: @erinclairejones

Episode Resources:

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