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1: Essential Oils For Beginners: How To Get Started

whimsy and wellness ep 1 getting started
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
1: Essential Oils For Beginners: How To Get Started

Welcome to the Whimsy and Wellness Podcast! In our very FIRST episode, Haylee, the founder of Whimsy and Wellness, and I will be diving into all things essential oils and how you can get started using them. Whether you’re a beginner or veteran oil user, we’re sharing insight into the essential oils world and welcome all levels to join us on this exciting adventure.

In this episode, Haylee and I want to bust open those barriers that keep people from using essential oils and show you how accessible and easy to use they really are. Tune in to hear all about our own journeys with essential oils, how we use them on a daily basis, our favorite blends, and so much more!

What we covered:

  • How we both got started with essential oils
  • Favorite blends and oils
  • Different ways to use your essential oils
  • How to take your essential oils on the go
  • Topical and aromatic use of oils

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Beauty Counter:

Oils Mentioned:

Peace & Calming Blend: Young Living

Stress Away Blend: Young Living

Young Living: Orange, Patchouli, Blue Tansy, Vanilla, Frankincense, Lavender, Sage, Bergamot


Intro: Are you ready to step into the essential oils world? We promise it’s not as scary as it seems! Haylee and Meg, from Whimsy and Wellness, are sharing their best tips and insight on using essential oils and breaking the barrier down so that everyone can see how accessible and easy to use essential oils really are.

Meg: Okay, friends, I have Haley here with me for this episode, which is so exciting. And we are going to be chatting about getting started with essential oils. Are you excited? I’m so excited. 

Haylee: I mean, obviously I love oils, but I feel like starting out can just be very overwhelming. So I really love it. I mean, the whole reason I started Whimsy and Wellness was to help people make using oils fun and easy. Because it really can be really overwhelming. 

You’re at that point where you’re like, I’m ready to try oils. And then you’re just kind of like, But wait how?  So what am I supposed to do with these things? Yeah. 

So I always say that, like, I’m gonna make this video, which I haven’t made yet. So maybe one of you guys can make it. But when I first started out with oils, I was just like, so careful. Like how many drops? Okay, one, like so careful. And now I’m like salt and pepper in my oils, just like staring over your shoulder. 

Meg: So we are going to be talking about our own personal journey with getting started because we each have our own story. And I think that’s what I love about talking to people in the essential oil world is everyone got into using them for different reasons. 

And then we’re also going to have some pointers for you guys. And for you, veteran oil users, we have some recipes and all of that good stuff. And hopefully, maybe we’ll make you laugh or I don’t know. So do you want to start and share how you got started with essential oils Haylee?

How Haylee Got Started With Essential Oils

Haylee: Yeah. Okay. So I got started with essential oils actually, because it was around like fall or wintertime. And I started to think about Christmas gifts for that year. And I love DIY, eating everything. And also happening that year that I didn’t have a ton of money to spend on gifts. 

So I was like, I want to make fun, personal care items. I was looking at recipes for making your own lotion or your own bath salts, all that stuff. But I was like, but I feel like I don’t want to use fragrance. I want something natural. 

I think everyone’s kind of heard of lavender. That’s probably the most common essential oil. But when I think about it, why did I care about that at that time? And I’m not really sure. I don’t think I was aware of the possible not good ingredients and fragrance. I think it was just appealing to me. Like if I’m putting in all this effort, I want it to be pure 

Meg: Yeah, I love that. So, tell me, What year was that? When did that happen? 

Haylee: This is a good question. I’m so bad with this. Um, okay. I have this written down somewhere. I think it was 2013? Yeah. Or 2014? 

Meg: Oh, that is a long time. Yeah. So you’re a veteran. That’s so cool. I already said this. But I love hearing how people got started because it’s also different. For some people, it’s to ditch toxins. And they’re super passionate about ditching fragrance. And then I love that yours was, I wanted to make DIY. That is so awesome. 

So do you remember what your favorite oil was when you first started? 

Favorite Blends and Oils

Haylee: So I started in the only place I’d really heard about oils. My friend at the time was selling Young Living brand oils and so I ended up purchasing my kit with her. And at the time, I think Peace and Calming was my favorite. It came in her kit in the beginning.  And I liked the smell of her house. And I’m like, this smells really good. It’s funny because Peace and Calming was in the kit. And then when I signed up, it wasn’t in the kit, and now it is again. It just circles around. 

Meg: It does. Also friends, if we mentioned any blends that you’re like, what is that? Maybe you use a different brand of essential oils, you can just google the blend that we say and write for this one that we just mentioned Peace and Calming. You can just type into Google: Peace and Calming ingredients and you can see what’s in it and you can make it with your singles. 

I want to say it’s like orange, patchouli, blue Tansy, that kind of thing. It’s so yummy. But you can make a mock up if you’d like. We’ll also put the ingredients and the oils that are the ingredients of the blend in the show notes. Yes, we will do that. 

Okay, so what’s your favorite oil now? Is it still Peace and Calming? Or has it evolved? 

Haylee: I know it’s evolved. For sure. But that is really hard. I think right right now, like today,  what I’ve been diffusing a lot is orange and vanilla. 

Meg: Oh, that’s so good. And you know, orange has actually always been kind of a favorite. 

Haylee: I feel like it’s just calming, but brightening. And you know when you’re peeling an orange, I really love that smell. I really enjoy eating oranges and orange juice, but the smell. I love. It’s so good. Plus, Orange is, if you’re in a diffuser and you’re just like, I don’t know what to diffuse. Orange goes with everything. I mean, you can mix orange with anything and it smells so good. Orange with lavender orange with cinnamon, orange with pine or spruce oil, vanilla. Orange goes with everything. It;s also just very universal. Same with roller blends. So there’s a little hint or tip, I guess. Were you intimidated by oils at first? 

Meg: Yeah, definitely. You  get all these little bottles and you’re like, Okay, they smell really good. Now what? And I already touched on it. But I was very intimidated by like, how many drops? Like the person I signed up with – I was constantly Facebook messaging her like, Okay, how many drops. She was probably ready to kill me. But I was just so nervous about how many drops? 

Haylee: That’s funny, because I don’t think I had that part. I wasn’t nervous about how many drops. I think it’s very personality based. Especially because I did the essential oil business for four years. And it was always so interesting to me, like with all of the friends that I helped get into essential oils and family members and even strangers, like the different personalities of people who are like, No, I haven’t even opened my box yet, you have to sit down with me. And then the people who were like, Oh, yeah, I’ve emptied every single bottle I have 10 on the way spilled an entire bottle of lavender on my head. It’s so interesting. I really think it’s personality based for sure. And it’s just funny. 


How Essential Oils Helped With Autoimmune

Meg: So anyways, so I’ll share how I got started. So I got started in 2017 with essential oils, after I had struggled for a really long time with chronic autoimmune illnesses. And ironically, two years before this, one of my mom’s co workers knew that I was really sick. And she was like, has she tried essential oils? And my mom came home and gave me this pamphlet on essential oils. 

And I was so offended. I’m just like, plants aren’t going to cure me. I was really offended. And it was like this lady thinks because I was on oral chemotherapy and I would have to go to the hospital to get iron infusions. So I was very sick, and I just did  not believe that lavender could help me. 

I just wasn’t ready for it at that time. I really believe it. I’m sure so many people listening, whether they have their own personal stories like that, or maybe you have helped enroll someone like that where they’re really closed off to it. And then down the line, we’re open to it. 

So I just think we all have our time when we’re ready. So finally in 2017, I bought a starter kit also from Young Living for my autoimmune illness. I wanted to just feel better and not feel so sick. And yeah, that’s how I got started. And then I was just so blown away with how they were helping me sleep and feel better and all of the things. I was just making rollers for everyone and handing them out. 

This is super funny. I didn’t realize the cost of Frankincense and I was just making people rollers and like I had the pocket Reference Guide, and someone had some ailment that said Frankincense would work and so I made them a Frankincense roller with like, 20 drops, and then I went to reorder it and I’m just like, whoa, I’m not not giving the samples of Frankincense anymore. But so yeah, that’s my little story. I think my favorite was honestly Lavender because I’m boring like that. But that was my favorite when I first started pouring. 

Haylee: It has notoriety for a reason. Yeah, it’s really not boring. I love lavender. It’s like orange. It goes with everything. Seriously. 

Plus, friends that are just starting with oils. A little tip is, when in doubt, use lavender. Seriously, like if you are ever in doubt, use lavender.

Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding before? If you guys know the movie, The Grandpa, he uses Windex. I always say lavender is like the Windex of essential oils. Put some lavender on it. So if you’re just starting out, if you’re overwhelmed, just use lavender for a week. You know? 

How To Use Your Essential Oils

Meg: Okay, so like we said in the beginning, the question is always like, Okay, I’m ready to start out using oils. But how? So we’re going to kind of go over, specifically how you use your essential oils. And then we will both share some of our favorite blends and all of that within each category. 

There are technically three ways to use essential oils, but we are just going to touch on topical use and aromatic use. Am I saying that right? Why does that sound weird, I have no idea. But it just means smelling, basically, or that it’s in the air. It just means smelling. We’re very science based here. 

Some friends are comfortable using them internally. But it’s really a personal preference. And so we just encourage you to do your research. We figured since this is a beginner episode, starting out with oils episode, we really didn’t have to go into internal use anyway.


Aromatic Use of Essential Oils

So let’s go into aromatically, aka smelling, diffusing all of the things. So do you want to talk about some of the ways even though I just listed them? You can go more specific into how you aromatically use oils? 

Haylee: Yeah, so I think probably the most common, especially when you’re just starting out is in your diffuser, which I mean, there’s a reason that people love that. It’s because it’s easy, and it smells really good. And it makes your whole house smell good. I used to be a Bath and Bodyworks candle obsessed person. Those giant ones, they’d be lit all the time. And then I realized that the ingredients in them are not good for you. 

I had my diffuser, which was cool, because you basically get to make your own custom scents. You don’t have to just pick what’s off the shelf. Even if you just have your first 10 oils, or even if you have only five oils, whatever you have, you can combine those in infinite ways to make your own smell. Isn’t that so fun? 

But if you’re like, what if these don’t smell good together and then you wasted them in your diffuser and you don’t like it? So just take the tops off of your bottles that you’re thinking might smell good together, take the top off all of them and hold them in a little group right under your nose and just kind of like circle them back and forth under your nose and smell them. 

If it smells good, then it should smell good, obviously in your diffuser. And if you’re like Oh, nope. Then switch out an oil or something. 

Meg: I love that trick. And this is a question I get asked all the time. There’s no oil that you can’t diffuse together. Maybe I’m wrong, but in my four years of using oils, there aren’t oils that you can’t diffuse together. 

So the worst thing that will happen is you’ll diffuse something that you don’t like. So, don’t feel too bad. 

I actually had a member say, Oh, I diffused one of my oils, but I really don’t like them. And I was like, Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What did you diffuse and she had diffused dye dyes, which is a blend of like phenol and what else is in there? So no, they don’t smell so good. It’s for digestion support, which works great, but it doesn’t smell great. It’s not one you want your house to smell like. 

So I love that trick. 

Haylee: Yeah. And sometimes they will smell different out of the bottle than they will on your diffuser. So it can be slightly deceiving, but overall, it’s a pretty good trick. So if you open the oil and you’re like, oh, that does not smell good. Pay attention.

And then another way is just like literally sniffing it out of the bottle. You can put a drop on a cotton ball and stick it in an air vent in your car or a hotel. If you’re, I don’t know how many of us are in hotels these days. But when you go, we have to use them sometimes. And I have a story about this for the car. You want me to share it? Slightly embarrassing story. 

Meg: Okay, please share. 

Haylee: Okay, so actually, we were going to Tucson to visit some friends, which is also where we go for the world’s largest gem show each year. But we were going for spring break. 

So we fly into Phoenix. So it’s like an hour and a half drive. And so I booked the rental car, but for Tucson, not for Phoenix. So we land at the airport. And we actually have no rental car. So we can’t get to where we need to go. So we’re like okay, no big deal. We’ll just get a new rental car, we’ll figure it out.

It just so happened to be the busiest week ever in Phoenix because it’s like baseball season training. What’s that called? Spring training. So it’s like super busy. And there’s also basketball playoffs or something. I don’t know, the lines were astronomical. 

We waited in one for like an hour and a half. We get to the front and like we don’t have any cars. She’s like, but I have this friend who started his own car rental business. And I think he has something, let me call it and we’re like, Okay. Sure, we’ll take it. Oh, it’s a Toyota. Sure. We’ll take it. 

The guy gets there. And I’m not joking. This is like a 15 year old car that he pulls up in. And he’s like, okay, here’s your rental. And we were like, what? And it was astronomically priced and it smelled so bad. It was stinky. I’ve ever been in my whole entire life. I was literally covering my nose. I didn’t know what to do. And luckily, I had brought essential oils with me. They were in my bag. And I was like we just need a cotton ball to put in the air vent. I don’t know if I had one. But we liked to figure out something and I was so thankful for essential oils in that moment. And Russ still makes fun of me for that mistake of booking the car in the wrong city. 

Meg: Oh, but it’s a great story. 

Haylee: Thank you. It had manual windows, you know where you have to crank the window down. And we had Mason with us and he was like maybe six at the time are seven. He’s like rolling the wind. I want to roll the window and were like okay, yeah, you just move the handle and he just starts flicking the knob and it was just spinning. He’s like it’s not working. We’re like, he doesn’t even know what a manual window is. 

Meg: Yeah, the kids with the automatic era. Speaking of aromatics, I feel like it can really change the whole mood of a situation if they’re really bad or good one. You want to be the girl with essential oils in their purse. 

Haylee: Oh my gosh.  It really, really will. 

Tips For Cleaning Your Diffuser

Meg: That’s amazing. I love that. Okay, so let’s see. I have a tip for aromatically using your essential oils. So when I first started and I had my diffuser, I would have to carry my entire diffuser to the bathroom and it would be so annoying and I would always spill it on my way back because I can’t walk a straight line without tripping. 

So I keep a vase of water or any kind of container of water next to my diffuser. And then when you want to fill your diffuser, you just pour the water in. And then when my water runs out, that’s my reminder to clean my diffuser because I’m really bad at cleaning my diffuser, like really bad at it. Sometimes even when my water empties, I’m just like, oh, next day. 

I think that’s probably also a personality thing because I have some other friends who do it every third use or whatever. But anyways, that’s a little tip for you to get a cute little vase or I even just use an empty Ningxia red bottle from Young Living near mine most times. 

Haylee: I found a really cute decanter. You know how like your spouse? I think they put alcohol on them. That’s one I got. Vintage. Yeah, I found one at a vintage thrift store. 

Meg: Yeah, those are perfect for it. That’s what I have too and it’s amazing. 


On The Go Essential Oil Options

Haylee: I want to share one other way you can use essential oils. So if you’re on the go, and maybe you’re not near a diffuser a lot. One of my favorite things is diffuser jewelry. So I love to put on love designs, she has amazing bracelets. And then Robin Lee essentials, Han makes little clay necklaces that you can add oils to the back of them. So you can basically just take either a roller or just literally the bottle of oil that you want to smell and just drop it directly on to the jewelry piece. And it absorbs the oil and basically kind of holds on to the smell throughout the day. So when you’re working or you’re out maybe running errands or whatever. You can kind of have that smell near you. 

You have to remember to do it in the mornings. So like leave it out where you’re getting ready. But just like that one extra second that it takes to add the oil. They give you benefits all day. And I love that. Yeah, and it’s really amazing how long the bracelets and necklaces hold the smell. I was not a believer that it would last long and it really does. 

Meg: Yeah. So if, if you’re one of those people like me, and you’re like how many drops and you’re nervous about your diffuser, grab a diffuser bracelet or necklace because you just do one drop or you can do a roller you can roll on the back. 


Go To Diffuser Blends

Okay, so what are two of your go to diffuser blends?

Haylee: Okay, so I already mentioned orange vanilla. So yeah, like a creamsicle. And I normally do like three and three, or like four and four drops of each. Just to make it simple and easy. 

One of my favorite ones for spring, since we’re going to be going into spring here hopefully soon is lavender, orange. And Stress Away, which Stress Away is a blend of like lime and vanilla and things like that. And it smells like spring to me. 

And again, I normally just do equal drops of all of them because it just makes it easier. So for like a diffuser, I try to put like a total of like maybe five to 10 drops total. Depending how big your room is. If you have a bigger room, you can do a little bit stronger. And if you’re in a smaller room, you could do a little less. Yeah. And it’s really your preference. You can’t mess it up. You really can’t. 

So like if you’re nervous, start out with like, two drops and then you can decide, Okay, next time I want a little bit stronger. And then you’ll find where you like it. You’ll figure out how many drops you like. 

Meg: Yeah, totally. Okay, those are good. I think both of mine are lavender that I’m thinking of, but that’s okay, because I feel like everyone that’s getting started has lavender. So my first is lavender with sage. I’ve been loving that lately, which is so funny because I didn’t get Sage until this year, my fourth year using oils. I didn’t get sage and then we moved into an old house and I was kind of creeped out. So I’m like I’m gonna save this place. And I didn’t have any of the sage bundles that you burn. So I was like, oh, I’ll just order Sage essential oil. And I diffused it with lavender because I think, when in doubt, I diffuse something with lavender and it smells so good. Like so good.  

Haylee: Rosemary also smells really good with lavender. Which again, it just is kind of weird but it smells like a spa. Yeah, it really does. 

Meg: Yeah. Oh, so good. Okay, and then my other one is lavender with bergamot. Bergamot is also similar to orange in that it pairs well with other oils and diffusers or roller blends. And maybe this is just me, but I did not realize that Earl Grey tea is made with bergamot. 

Yeah. Earl Grey tea is basically just black tea with bergamot in it. What? So now I’m like, Oh, that’s why it smells so familiar. Wow. So if you like Earl Grey tea, you will like bergamot. 

Haylee: Okay, that is so cool. Now I’m gonna go sip some Earl Grey tea. 

Meg: I know. Especially because I feel like bergamot is a cooler name than Earl Grey. It’s like no, I don’t feel like having a glass of Earl. I guess you don’t have a glass of tea. But you know, okay. Good old Earl. 

How To Use Essential Oils Topically

Now we’re going to talk topically, topical use, which just means on your skin, on your person. So there’s two ways to use oils topically. Neat, or diluted. 

Neat just means right out of the bottle. And you’ll want to look on your bottle and it will usually tell you depending on the brand you’re using, but I feel like most will tell you whether or not you should dilute it or not. 

I know lavender says you can apply it neat. And then other ones will say to dilute. So do you want to kind of go over what diluting means. 

Haylee: Yeah, so diluting your essential oils just means that you’re adding a carrier oil along with your essential oil. So carrier oils, you could think of it as basically like, coconut oil is a very common carrier oil. And it helps carry the essential oil to like a larger part of your body helps carry the essential oil to spread out farther. 


Slowing Down Absorption Rates With Carrier Oils

So any fatty oil you can use for carrier oil. I even had someone use vegetable oil in their kitchen. And I’m like, do what you gotta do, do whatever you prefer. So almond oil, jojoba oil, anything like that. 

I’m like a visual person. So if you think of the carrier oils, those fatty oils have really big molecules. So if you think of it like a big circle, those are the carrier oil molecules. And then essential oil molecules are really small. And so when you mix the essential oil molecules with those big fatty oil molecules from the carrier oils, they just kind of bounce around on them. 

Are you guys picturing like giant circles bouncing around on little circles? Because that’s what I’m going for. And so it’s slow, just basically, long story short, it slows down the absorption rate. And why you would want to do that there’s a couple of reasons. 

Number one, maybe you’re using oils with younger kids, and they have more sensitive skin and thinner skin and they don’t need the oils to go into their body as fast. So you would slow down the absorption rate. 

Another reason would be if the oil is a hot oil like peppermint or cinnamon. And more fun to make your oils last longer. Because if you mix it with carrier oil, it takes them way farther. Because if you think of a massage, if you wanted a massage with lavender, to really get things – I can’t think of a word besides grease – which isn’t really relaxing sounding. But to get things greasy or oily, that’s hard to really get things oily, you’d have to use so many drops of lavender and it would waste it. Whereas if you just do one big pump of like coconut oil or almond oil, you could just do one drop of lavender and the palm of your hand and it would save you a ton of lavender and money. 

Meg: So do you want to talk about your favorite ways to use oils topically? 


Ways To Apply Essential Oils Topically

Haylee: Yeah, one of my favorite ways is with roller bottles. Yes, surprise. No, it’s only what my entire company was based off of. But there’s a reason that obviously people love them. And like, why I started this business is because exactly what you said about adding carrier oil and being able to make your own custom scents that you’re going to use on your skin. 

And it could be, for so many reasons. It could be as a perfume, it could be for emotional support, or it could be, you mentioned something for digestive support. All of those would be, you know, topical ways. And so to just have them already pre diluted with the carrier oil in your roller bottle makes it super easy to just grab and put right on yourself and go. 

Meg: Yeah, it really makes it so simple. So simple. How do you make a roller for those who aren’t sure? 

Haylee: Yes. So a roller bottle is, imagine sometimes perfumes come in them. They’re like just long, skinny bottles with a roller top or sometimes little kids lip gloss. Remember that? So you basically buy these bottles empty, and you will add the drops of your essential oil directly into the bottle. Typically, for like a 10 ml roller bottle, you’ll want to do between 10 and 20 drops of essential oil. 

Again, this is a personal preference. Or if you have sensitive skin, or what type of oils you’re using, you’ll want to maybe experiment a little bit. And so you’ll drop the oils directly in and then whichever ones you’re wanting to blend, and then you’ll add the carrier oil to fill up the bottle. And then you just pop the top on. And you’re ready to use it. You’re good to go. And it lasts a really long time. 

Meg: Yeah. Again, like I was saying with the awful analogy of the lavender massage or not analogy, but the example of your greasy massage. Yes. Sorry, friends. With the rollers, they last you so long. And you just make it once and you use it. Some of them will literally just have like 10-15 drops, and it’ll last you like longer than a month. 

Haylee: So yeah, that’s what everyday is. They’re really handy. And it’s nice when you’re getting started. And if you are a mama, they’re so easy. It’s the best way to use it, especially with kids because it’s really hard. Like I mentioned with babies and kids, you want to always dilute oils. And it’s really a pain to drop the essential oil in your hand and then get carrier oil and then wrestle your kid to get to their feet and like your hands are greasy and oily. It’s just so much easier to use the roller bottle and call it a day. 

Now my kids are getting a little bit older. Pose is 3. And now she likes to have her roller and do it herself. 

I can do it. I don’t need your help. With rollers, she doesn’t need my help, because I’ve already pre diluted it to where I know that it’s safe for her to put on her skin. And then I teach her to put the cap back on. And it gives her a little independence. 

Meg: They’re so nice. I love it. And just like with the rollers, there’s recipes for body butter and bath bombs and all different sprays. All different things that you can make. And you can go to Google Pinterest, even our own Whimsy and Wellness blog has a ton a ton of recipes. And it’s really fun. Like Haylee mentioned, she got into this for DIY, but it is really fun and they make fun gifts. 


Tips To Help You Get Started With Essential Oils

So I think we should each give a few tips slash suggestions to close out for how to help you guys get started and cut back on the overwhelm. So do you want to go first or would you like me to?

Haylee: You go first. 

Meg: Okay, so my first one is super simple, but so helpful. Take your oils out of the box and put them places that you see them every day. What’s helpful for me is I put the oils that I want to use every single day next to my deodorant. So when I put my deodorant on, I then put my roller on.

I have like a wellness roller for my immune system that I rub up my spine and then I have like an emotional support slash perfume blend that I roll on. And I always used to forget when I would have it, like in my starter kit box or like away somewhere else, but when they’re right there next to things you already are in the habit of using daily, it helps you make a habit of it. So that’s my tip. 

And it doesn’t even have to be all of them. Keep your morning time ones by your deodorant. And then if you have like a sleep roller, put that on your nightstand. Because if you’re gonna have to go get it out of a box, it’s gonna be hard to remember and stay consistent with. So that’s my first tip. 

And then my second one is use oils with friends. I think it’s way more fun and less overwhelming when you are starting your oil journey with someone else if at all possible. I forced my mom to start with me. So just like grab a friend, your mom, your sister and be like, Okay, I’m trying these. You have to do it with me. Because it’s just way more fun. At least it was for me and it makes it not so overwhelming. And then you can share recipes. And you could get creative and have like zoom DIY classes. Everything’s more fun with friends, right? 

Haylee: Yes, absolutely. 100% agree with that. 

Meg: Okay, what are some tips from Haylee? 

Haylee: Okay, well, I feel like mine is very similar to yours in leaving them out where you can see them. I think it makes the most difference. 

In fact, every time I had my grandma, my grandma wanted to start with me when I was doing the oil business. And she’d be like, well, I don’t know what to do. I’m like, well, where are your oils? Well, that’s the first problem. If you don’t know where they are, you’re not going to use them. 

Okay. And they’re probably hidden away in that box somewhere. So pull them out, put them on a shelf somewhere where you look at them. And you’ll remember. I always keep oils directly next to the diffuser. Because I’m very lazy. So I have the water right there and the oils right there. There’s literally no reason that I wouldn’t be able to just pour in some water pouring in oil and hit start. 

So going to roller bottles in particular. Again, shocker. But I started Whimsy and Wellness, because the only bottles that you could find when I started were cobalt blue, which nothing against blue, but they just were underwhelming. Or amber color. Again, nothing against it was just like, okay. Or clear. And they all have that ugly black cap. You know what I’m talking about I’m not judging you. Sorry. Everyone counts, and they are working for you, then that is the most important thing. 

For me, I was like, I just want something to be pretty, because I know I’m gonna have to leave this out. Otherwise, I’ll never use them. So they had to be nice because I was going to leave them out. So that’s my tip for you is find something that you love looking at. If it’s a roller or whatever it is that you’re going to use every day. And keep it exactly what you said like buy your deodorant. 

I keep mine right next to my toothbrush on my little counter. That way. It’s like part of my morning routine. I brush my teeth, put on my deodorant. Put on my roller. It really makes it so easy. 

Something I want to add is, as simple as it is to fill your diffuser. I feel like in these times where a lot of us are home all day, or maybe you live alone. And you’re like, things can get very routine and mundane and you just get winter blues even for some of us. And I really think having habits really can change your mindset when you have things to do. 

So for me just starting my diffuser makes me feel like okay, I did something productive. And then  it boosts my mood and makes me happy and it smells like my house is clean. Even though it’s probably not. I might have baby spit up on my shirt, but the house smells like lemons. Like I’ve been mopping so it’s amazing. I also really like having them out for that reason, too. That was just like a side tangent. 

Meg: Yeah, I like that. It’s true. They say that scent is tied to memories and scents can help a lot with boosting the mood. 

Haylee: Yeah. Especially if you’re using oils that smell good to you. I think that’s my other tip. If you want to feel more happiness or joy, which one is that? You don’t have to feel like you have to like look and research a lot. It’s okay to also just smell them and say, Well, I really liked the smell of this one, and then just use that one. 

Meg:  I’m so glad you said that. It’s a personal choice as well, as much as there is also the research behind it again, I think it’s a personality thing. But don’t feel like analysis paralysis. 

I feel like you have to research everything and do it all the right way. And then you just don’t do anything. 

You could look up nothing and just open them and smell them and say, Wow, this one smells really good. Just put that in your diffuser. And you’ve done it. And now they’ll make you feel happy because you like the smell of it. Right? 

And all of them are safe to diffuse. So like, even if something’s for skincare. Like if people if you know a book or something online is recommending this for glowy skin, but you’re like, but I really like the smell. It’s like, there you go. 

Just like with crystals, right? People often will send in emails or DMS to you and ask you, what’s a good essential oil for this? Or what should I start with? And what’s your response? 

Haylee: Yeah, my response is which one are you drawn to? Yeah. Which one makes you smile? 

Meg: Mm hmm. Yeah. So I feel it’s very similar. Like, don’t overthink it. Which one smells good? And use it. Okay. I have rapid fire questions for you. Are you ready? What’s your late night guilty pleasure snack? 

Haylee: There’s a lot. That’s why I’m hesitating. There’s a lot of these. Okay.  What is it called? Ruffles. The sour cream and cheddar. 

So bad. I keep telling Russ don’t buy those and then we won’t eat them. And then he buys them at Costco. So it’s like the largest bag you could literally possibly buy. And then chocolate. 

Meg: Mm hmm. Those are really good. This question is hard for me because I ask it and then I think about the response for hours. Like I will now be thinking of ruffles sour cream chips. Friends. Tag us on Instagram @WhimsyandWellnesspodcast. Tag us in your stories if you go get some ruffles sour cream and onion chips. 

What about the cheddar? Oh, those are better. Right? 

Haylee: Yeah, those are better. 

Meg: Okay, just wanted to clarify. Okay, what’s your what’s heavily played on your music playlist right now? No shame. 

Haylee: My friends laugh at me. Because I still use Pandora. People don’t use that anywhere. Nobody uses that anymore. I want to use Spotify, but I’m not a good decision maker. And with Spotify, you have to say what you’re going to listen to. And she’s like, no, there’s a radio feature. I’m like, Yeah, but are you on Pandora? And lately, I’ve been on Jonas Brothers Pandora. And Lizzo Pandora. 

Meg: Oh, I haven’t. I haven’t listened to that station. 

Haylee: I like it. But I’ve kind of customized them a little bit. You know, thumbs up things come up more often, but I love both of those. Especially when I’m working because it’s just happy feel good, energetic music. 

Meg: What’s your enneagram number? 

Haylee:  Nine. 

Meg: Do you know your wing? 

Haylee: You know, I have such a hard time because I don’t feel like I relate to either wing. 

Meg: Yeah, I feel like I hear that a lot for nines. 

Haylee: I always joke like if I could have a wing seven, that would be me. I’m a nine wing seven. Yeah, I know, that’s not allowed. I know guys. Don’t get mad at me. I know it’s not allowed. 

Meg: I know. I was like attacked on Instagram when I first got into the enneagram because I said I was a seven with a four wing. And all these people were just like, you can’t do that. 

I was like, I was so sorry. And it turns out I was a six. So it was a long journey together. 

Haylee: Well, friends, we hope this was helpful, or at least the very least entertaining. And we promise that the more you use your oils and incorporate them into your daily life, the easier and less overwhelming, they’ll feel. 

We’re always here to support you along the way too. So you can find us at @Whimseyandwellness on Instagram or 

We have a blog. And we always love to hear from you guys and answer your questions. And the more questions that you ask that you want to know about, then we will be happy to create more content or have more guests on our podcast to answer all your questions. 

And if you were listening to this and thinking like okay, I need roller bottles, go to Whimsy and Wellness because we happen to have a lot, hundreds of 1000s in our house right now where I’m talking to you, just for you guys. Okay. We will talk to you again soon. Thank you

Join Haylee Crowley, Creator of Whimsy + Wellness, and Meg Ryan, content creator at Whimsy + Wellness, to talk all things wellness, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and womanhood.


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