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16: What is Clubhouse & How It Can Grow Your Business with Dana Bowling

whimsy + wellness podcast ep 16 what is clubhouse
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
16: What is Clubhouse & How It Can Grow Your Business with Dana Bowling

Are you wondering what Clubhouse is and how you can leverage it for your business? No matter what type of business you have, Clubhouse is the newest app with all the potential. From optimizing your bio to speaking up in rooms, we are deep-diving into how you can use this app to build a following and grow your business.

In today’s episode, I am talking to Dana Bowling, Instagram, and Clubhouse Queen who helps her clients gain the confidence to show up and speak on IG Stories, Reels, and now, on Clubhouse! We’re talking all about Clubhouse, what it is, and how to strategically use its features to grow your business, build your authority, and connect with a wider audience

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“You have to have a goal in mind. You have to be strategic, you have to be intentional, and you have to get in the right rooms. And when I say get in the right rooms, it may not be the rooms that you think you should be in. But you have to make connections, you have to speak. You have to raise your hand. You have to be consistent, and let people remember who you are.” – Dana Bowling


“You have to raise your hand. You have to be consistent, and let people remember who you are.” – Dana Bowling


Meg: Welcome to the Whimsy and Wellness Podcast.

Dana: I am so happy to be here and thank you for having me.

Meg: Of course. So I’ve heard through the grapevine to Instagram. You are the Clubhouse queen. So I was like, “Okay, I have to reach out. Let’s see if she says yes.” And you did. And here we are.

I feel as though probably some of our listeners are like, what is this Clubhouse you speak of? Because that was me like, just a month ago. Before we dive into Clubhouse, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what it is you do? Why Clubhouse?


From Acting Coach To Instagram Coach

Dana: Yeah, well, I’ll get into Clubhouse in a second. But what you should know about me is that I basically, growing up, was the kid that got in trouble for talking too much. That was who I was. I was a chatterbox. I always got that remark on my report cards. And when I got a little bit older my goal in life was to be Barbara Walters. That’s all I wanted to do. I wanted to connect with people, talk to people, interview people all day long, all the time. 

And then I started to work in casting, actually when I graduated college, I’m born and raised here in Los Angeles. And I was always very interested in the television industry, the film industry. And so I got a job after I graduated from UC Santa Barbara, I went straight into casting. And I was a casting director for many, many years, a very young casting director with my own shows. I discovered a lot of Disney stars, Nickelodeon stars and did things for all kinds of networks. And what I did was at that point, I was about 15 years into casting and realized, once I had my young kids, I was like, “This is not really necessarily what I want to be doing.”

I love talking to other people. I love the meeting side of it. But I didn’t love a lot of the other stuff of casting. I didn’t love the admin side, I didn’t love the fact that there was a lack of creativity. And it wasn’t really my spiel. I was the connector, but I didn’t have the control. The idea of having my own baby, you know? Yeah, no, I started my own business coaching actors from home in 2017, without any business knowledge. And I grew to six figures in about 18 months from home just because of Instagram marketing. And when I say marketing, I did not pay for an ad, it was just me showing up every single day on stories and in posts. 

At the time, there was no such thing as Reels and just really connecting with my audience. And then I had a podcast for actors and my business grew a lot. But I never really wanted to work with actors only. I wanted to help people really come out of their own in their businesses. And I really like the idea of personal branding and growing someone’s personality through showing up on camera and showing up on Instagram. So, I started to coach people that way. 


Shifting Onto Clubhouse

Then I got invited to Clubhouse on December 31st, my friend in my mastermind was like, “You gotta try it.” And I was like, “What is this crazy thing?” And for about three days, I listened to random rooms with people I didn’t know, feeling very fish out of water, feeling very lost. I didn’t understand why in the world, this would be a good app for me. And so on January 4, I remember coming into my office, and one of the people that I really love and follow on Instagram, she’s an Instagram coach. She mentioned in her stories that she was holding a Clubhouse room. And I thought, “Oh, well this is a room that maybe I’d actually get some value out of.” So I went in there and somehow got the nerve to raise my hand for the first time. You know, I started my party hat. It was just three days in, I raised my hand and got on stage and I just shared one little tip in a very nonpitchy way. I didn’t sell myself, I didn’t even know what I was doing. I just shared a little tip. And then I went back to Instagram, and I had 25 new followers and 10 DMS including one from someone asking if I wanted to be a guest speaker in their program. 

I thought okay, “What is this magic?” I’ve been on Instagram for years, I had about 7,000 followers by showing up every single day creating Reels doing all the right things. All of a sudden 25 new followers in a five-minute share; that is unheard of. So, I went back and I never looked back and so, January 4, I spoke for the first time on Clubhouse and I’ve been on Clubhouse every single day. Today is mid-April, I’ve been on Clubhouse every single day since. I’ve hosted many rooms, five rooms, approximately. I have 16,000 Clubhouse followers and I have grown my Instagram account over 5,500 followers in four months. 

But it’s unheard of, to the point where like, sites that talk about Instagram growth that show your analytics think that I’m buying followers because it’s coming back fast. But my engagement is going up. People that are finding me on Clubhouse are very, very engaged with my content. Because they know they already know me and they feel connected to me because of Clubhouse. So Clubhouse is the best gift my business has ever gotten. And now I also help and coach Clubhouse to others.

Meg: I love that that is such a cool story. I personally followed you on my personal page. Like probably the beginning of December. Just before Clubhouse. I was searching Instagram growth and found you that way. Like you said. you had 7,000 followers. I’m someone who’s very like, “Okay, if this is popular, I don’t do it for myself, I still haven’t gotten on Tik Tok.” And so people start talking about Clubhouse. And I’m like, “No.” 


What Is Clubhouse & How Does It Work?

But then I’m watching you talk about it. I’m super interested in marketing and all of the things too. And so I’m like, “What is this that I’m seeing you grow?” And it was just mind-blowing. So, what is Clubhouse? Can you give a brief explanation of what the app is?

Dana: Yes, absolutely. So, the best way it was described to me, and I really, really love it, is thinking about Clubhouse as a real-life, almost conference or Convention Center. So something along the lines Comic Con, or one of those kinds of events. You walk down a hallway. And in each room, there are different rooms of conversations, so panelists, and there’s signs on each door, and who’s speaking and you can walk through the hallway and decide, oh, I feel like going into this hallway that’s talking about this. Or, maybe I want to go into this hallway because I really like that person. Or, maybe I want to go into this hallway cuz that sounds fun. Or it’s a really small room or a really big room. 

So, you can decide which rooms you want to enter. But it’s all audio. So there’s no video content, it’s just pictures, one steady picture of the person, and then hearing their voice, there’s a title to the room. And that is when you enter a room, you’re immediately in the audience. And you can raise your hand to get on stage and you get accepted or invited up to stage. There are moderators in each panel so that there’s some sort of a flow and a hierarchy. And you can drop in and drop out, which is the coolest part about it. You can come in for a few minutes, you can leave, you can go from room to room. It’s very, very open-ended. And the more people you follow on Clubhouse, the more rooms you will see because you only really get access in your hallway to the rooms with whom you follow the people with whom you follow are in it. Yeah, no. So, it’s actually really, really cool. It’s a cool little setup. And for me, showing up on Clubhouse has created probably the most, not only growth visibility growth in terms of my audience, but also the connections and the collabs. And the opportunities are mind-blowing.

whimsy + wellness podcast ep 16 what is clubhouse

How To Strategically Use Clubhouse For Your Business

I think that there’s a method, I don’t think you can just go on Clubhouse without an idea of what you’re doing. You have to have a goal in mind. You have to be strategic, you have to be intentional, and you have to get in the right rooms. And when I say get in the right rooms, it may not be the rooms that you think you should be in. But you have to make connections, you have to speak. You have to raise your hand. You have to be consistent, and let people remember who you are. And it’s crazy how fast you remember people on Clubhouse. So, I’ll have a room of 300 people but I remember people if they come up on the stage one time. So, it’s really, really about stepping out of your comfort zone, ask the right questions, and learn how to tell your story.

Meg: So, can you unpack that for us and say so what? What are those strategies that people can implement if they’re wanting to network or grow their business?

Dana: Well, so I would say, get really clear on what your goals are. And at the very beginning, when you join Clubhouse you’re not going to have any idea what your goals are, maybe some people will say, Oh, I just want to grow my business. Well, growing, your business is so vague, right? What does that even mean? Do you want to grow your audience? Do you want to grow your connections, and then you have to think about what rooms you want to go into. 

So, there’s a few different kinds of rooms you can go into, you can go into rooms, where you will learn something. So, maybe it’s rooms held almost podcast style, I’ll go in there and just listen, maybe it will be on LinkedIn, which I don’t know anything about LinkedIn. So, I’ll go in a room and listen, maybe take some notes on strategies that I can implement. Or, there will be a room on Tik Tok strategy, which I also know very well, or there will be a room on relationships and parenting. Whatever it is that I don’t really I’m not an expert in so I’m like, okay, maybe I should learn something. 

So, that’s one, you can go into. But when it’s those kinds of rooms, that you’re just learning, you can ask a question, but a lot of times, you can just sit and passively listen, that’s not what I would suggest to grow. But that’s one room. The second room is going into rooms where your ideal clients are hanging out. So for me, that is usually females, entrepreneurs, who have businesses from home solo entrepreneurs, or just starting and feel uncomfortable on social media. That’s my people. I even help a lot of people that feel comfortable on social media, but just feel like they need a little bit of a shake-up in terms of their content. 

And finally, the third room is a room with someone that you are inspired by, someone that you want to connect with. So, if I have my sights set on connecting with a personality on Clubhouse, just because I’ve always been a fan of theirs on Instagram or something, I’m going to make sure to go into as many rooms as I can, that they are speaking in. So, then they see that I’m there. And then the goal is to eventually, hopefully, get into a situation where I can connect with them on stage. And if I can’t do that, at least I can try to start sending them some DMS, or I can start sharing their content on social media so that I can start to and be seen by them. 

Then the goal from that is to be consistent with that until you eventually become friendly and so many people on Clubhouse, I would have followed on Instagram. Like for an example, later today in an hour I’m co-moderating a room with on Instagram, her name is Coach Glitter. She’s a live video coach and I’ve been following her for years. And I never thought in a million years like, oh, we’re gonna be friends. And we’re gonna be on a Clubhouse stage together. And this is so much more than Clubhouse because if we ever add some sort of an event or see each other in real life, there is no question that we’re going to know each other because Clubhouse voice, which is like being on a phone call.


How To Optimize Your Clubhouse Bio

Meg: I have so many questions sparking out of me as you’re talking. It’s so exciting. You said you asked a five-minute question. And then you had all these followers. So, a question that I had when I first started was like, “Well, how do they find you?” So, it’s not that they have to go type in Dana Bowling on Instagram, right? You’re linked? Is that right?

Dana: Yes. So everyone on Clubhouse, your bio needs to be, there’s a couple of bio hacks that you need to have. But you need to have a good bio, your picture needs to be a really good picture of you. When I say good, it doesn’t mean you have to look pretty. It just needs to be very indicative of who you are and clear. And finally, you’re going to want your Instagram linked. You can only link your Twitter and your Instagram on your Clubhouse bio. You’re gonna want your Instagram linked because that’s the only way at this point that you can communicate off of your connections on Clubhouse. There’s no messaging service on Clubhouse. So, it’s the only way that you can actually talk.

Meg: How cool is it that you can just hear someone talking? And then you tap on their profile and you can go right to their Instagram page, or vice versa for you. That’s so neat, because at first, I thought well, you must have to be really engaging or interesting for someone to listen to you and then go over to Instagram to remember exactly what your name is and how to spell it. So, I think it’s so neat that it’s just linked. 

So you said bios are crucial. Can we dive into that? Why are bios so important? And how can someone make a killer bio?

Dana: Yeah, I think over a podcast, it’s hard to visualize, but the best thing to know is that the first two lines of your bio are the most pivotal. And that’s because when you click on someone’s picture, you only see those two lines. You have to save the full profile if you’re interested in more, so it’s your hook. And your hook can be two things, it can be something interesting like a statement that you believe in, or a quote of yours, but for most people, it’s a description of who they are and what they do. 

For example, mine says Instagram and Clubhouse Queen, I may change that, I don’t know. But right now, when people open up my bio, they immediately know, okay, Instagram and she works with Clubhouse, then that’s the most important part of your bio. But then ultimately, your bio gives you a lot of space, you can put a lot of stuff on a bio. And what’s cool about that is you have a little bit more freedom. Well, not a little bit, a lot more freedom than you do over on Instagram, in terms of speaking more about who you are on Instagram. 

I’m thinking the reason why is because you don’t have the ability to see video and pictures on Clubhouse. So, I think that they did that so that you can get a better sense of who a person is, or isn’t on Instagram. If you click on someone’s profile, you can binge them, you can find them, you can stalk them, essentially, you can find out everything but on Clubhouse. You can’t see any previous history of who they are or what rooms they’ve done, nothing’s recorded. So, it gives you an opportunity to really shine. 

I like to say, in my bio, I have my weekly rooms because if you host a lot of rooms, you should put that in your bio. I have all my programs that I’ve created, my podcast, I talk a little bit about my story, and you know everything I’ve gone through, my anxiety and my struggles in my life. And then I talk about my previous work experience, and I’m a former casting director. And then I tell people to go on over to Instagram if they want to know more. So you walk them through a journey. And then finally another really important thing about Clubhouse bio is having emojis. emojis are essential in terms of explaining what you do because emojis are searchable on Clubhouse.


How To Make Your Bio & Rooms More Searchable

Meg: Oh, that is very interesting. I wondered why because I see people’s bios packed full of emojis. So, are words searchable?

Dana: Everything is searchable. But what’s cool is that when you go on Clubhouse, you can search at the very beginning when you sign up on Clubhouse, or even just now you can go in your settings. And you can look at interests. It’s important to have 10 interests, especially before you’re following a lot of people. It curates your feed. So if you notice next to each interest, there’s an emoji. So for example, Instagram is a rainbow. So that rainbow better be on my profile because I want people to search that rainbow and find my profile because that’s what I do. 

Meg: Oh, wow, who invented this so clever. Okay. All right. So, back to basics a little bit. So, it’s only voice and it’s not recorded? Correct? You’re either there or you miss it. Is that right?

whimsy + wellness podcast ep 16 what is clubhouse

The Live Aspect Of Clubhouse

Dana: You can record it if you choose to as a host, you can record your own Clubhouse room and just tell the audience, but most of the rooms are live and miss it, you miss it, which creates a lot of FOMO issues. It definitely does all go on the app and scroll right now, right? I can go on the app and I can scroll and just look and be like, “Oh my god, there’s so many amazing rooms I can’t get in there right now.” And I think that there’s a little bit of that FOMO that happens. 

But ultimately, at the end of the day there’s always going to be rooms, there’s always going to be someone, and the more people that you get to know on the app, the more people that you follow and you become friends with on the app, you’re going to find at least a few of them in different rooms throughout the day. But I like the idea that you can’t record it. It makes people have to be present rather than just like “Oh, I’ll watch the replay. I’ll listen to the replay.”

Meg: I agree with that. I heard Gary Vee describe Clubhouse in this way of like, it’s like you get to eavesdrop into a dinner party. And I thought that that was such an interesting way to describe it. If you’re not speaking, which you recommend doing, correct?

Dana: There’s a lot of rooms, especially in the evening when I’m doing dishes or cleaning up. And I was such a podcast lover before this. I never don’t have something playing in my ear. I’m a little bit like, I would say it’s almost a calming thing for me to have something in my ears constantly talking to me or listening to music. So before Clubhouse, it was a podcast or an audiobook from morning till night. So, now it’s just live, right? But there’s a lot of times that I can’t speak because it’s loud, or I’m with my kids, or I’m not really present for that long. So, I like to go into rooms where I can just eavesdrop, you can’t really eavesdrop in the sense, you can’t hide. Because everyone can see you. There’s no incognito mode. But it is cool that you have that option to just go and listen. And no one thinks it’s weird. No one’s like, wait, why are you here? Because everyone can see you. It’s expected and invited.

Meg: There are some big people on there doing these rooms. And it’s free. Is there any like paid version or not?


Why You Should Use Clubhouse

Dana: So, it’s only free on Clubhouse. Now, I imagine a lot of people will start to monetize. And now they just introduced the tipping feature. So, you can send money to people. So, if I host a room and someone feels like oh, I’m getting a lot of value or fun out of this, they can send $1 to $100 or whatever they can send. And I’m sure some people are making a little bit of money from that. 

I think in general, what I use Clubhouse for is it’s a free way to market yourself. You advertise yourself to connect with others to network. There’s nothing better in terms of networking and developing long-lasting relationships. So, it’s a great funnel for my business to generate more sales and leads.

Meg: So, why is it crucial to join now?

Dana: So technically, we’re all still early adopters. Even though there’s over 10 million people on the app, there’s not as many active users, a lot of people joined Clubhouse, but then are there every single day. That’s why it feels a lot of times you’re seeing the same people on Clubhouse a lot. But we are technically early adopters. 

It is only for iOS. So, it’s only for Apple products. And if you do have an Android, it only will be released in the month of May. And so when that happens, when it opens up to Android it’s gonna be a massive influx of new people. And what’s cool about that is if you’re on the app, now, you’ve already created a place for yourself, you’ve created a little bit of clout, I should say. And that’s even if you only get 1,000 followers, it’s still better than those people that come in with zero. 

The more followers you have on the app, people will listen a little bit more, that’s the truth. And if you had an opportunity, Megan to go into Instagram on month one, what did you have? The growth we would have had when Instagram started if we really took it seriously, and then used it as a business. That’s how those people have 50 million followers. It’s because they’ve been on it for so long. I’m saying like, the non-celebrity types. So the less people on the app, the more opportunity there is for growth and to make an influence and impact.


How Clubhouse Can Help The Essential Oil Businesses Grow

Meg: Yes. Okay. So, a bunch of our listeners are multi-level marketing, business owners, specifically in the essential oil world. So how could Clubhouse help them grow their businesses?

Dana: I would say it’s all about connections. It’s all about making friends and connections. And a lot of times you can go in there and people talk, actually, one of the biggest influencers on Clubhouse is a rep for doTERRA. It’s more about building your personal brand and showing up as you. In addition to that, you have just a part of your brand. If that makes sense. 

Meg: Yeah. So, it’s all about building your personal brand and getting people to start to like you? 

Dana: I have a lot of people because on Instagram, people don’t follow people unless they start to like the person, right? There’s a lot of people that go viral and grow really fast in direct sales, and multi-level marketing or companies like that social selling, but they go live, they go viral for some other reason. It’s not because they’re talking about the product, it’s maybe their additional products or something that they teach or coach like, sales or marketing that they coach in addition, and or life coaching, or whatever. So, this is just a way to connect to people and let them get to know who you are. And then everything else will just happen in addition. Know and trust building.

Meg: Even if there’s rooms on parenting, a lot of our listeners that are in the direct sales world are moms. 

Dana: Even if you’re in a parenting room, just talking about being a mom, and people click over to your Instagram even that can help build their business, you don’t have to be talking about your product, just like you’re not in all your clubs pitching. Oh, I do coaching. Because I feel like I’ve definitely been in a couple of rooms where people are pitching themselves and you want to know how to pitch on Clubhouse. 


How To Pitch Yourself On Clubhouse

Meg: How do you pitch on Clubhouse?

Dana: You don’t. You just absolutely don’t, I think it’s the biggest mistake people are making is getting on stages and pitching on Clubhouse. It is so obvious. And it’s so clear. And it’s so off-putting. We hear you in every room doing it. You become known as the person that does the same thing in every room. And trust me, I’m on a lot of back chats on Instagram with a lot of people that I mod with. And everyone knows those people. They’re like, “Oh, gosh, she’s here again. She’s just going to pitch her product.”

You can’t do it. And especially if it’s not your own stage. The only time that you’re ever really allowed to pitch is if it’s your own room because it’s your room. You can do whatever you want. But if you’re just speaking in someone else’s room, yeah, no, no, no.

Meg: That’s a good word. I always loved that phrase, “words sell, stories tell.” And it’s very similar in the direct sales world. When people teach classes, you can all stick with the essential oil reference you can go and give someone a giant pamphlet of how lavender works. Or, you can just share a story of how it helped your baby or whatever the case may be. And people will like you without your pitches.

Dana: So, people will find out what you do without your pitches  if they just like you, right? So, you don’t have to. The best way to sell is just to have people want to know what you do. I do agree. I do believe that you need to be selling. But selling doesn’t sound like selling. Selling is not like, “Buy this. I do this.” Selling is purely sharing who you are, how you help people, and let them make the decisions on their own.


The Difference Between A Room & A Club

Meg: What’s the difference between a room and a club?

Dana: So, a room is a typical room on Clubhouse, any room that you go into. All rooms. A club is something that houses a lot of the rooms so everyone now can get a club. And at the beginning, they were hard to get, you had to apply. Now, you can just get a club and create a club. And a lot of people did create clubs, but they never host rooms under their club. And so their clubs just sit there to die. I personally host every single one of my rooms right now under Amped Up, which is my club. The goal for that is to have a community vibe a little bit more to have recurring rooms in that club. And then also to find you know, the more people that are part of the club get notified if you follow the club. So, if you schedule a room in that club, more people will know about it, if that makes sense.


The Benefits Of Moderating Rooms

Meg: That makes sense. You talk about moderating rooms? What is the benefit of moderating by yourself or co-moderating with another person or multiple people and what’s the perk of both?

Dana: So moderating, you can mod on your own and I’ve done it, I no longer do it. I’ve tried it recently, I like having other people with me. Number one, it releases that control and it feels like more of a group vibe. Another thing is the idea of it helps grow your room, if you have a variety of moderators, because their followers get notified if they’re in a room. It will show up in their followers hallway. Another thing is just it allows for easier conversation if there’s not so many people that raise their hand and try to come up. And then finally it gives you a little bit more content. I love to moderate. I love to lead, mod, host a room, and be able to use my moderators as people to discuss things and ask them questions. And then also if it’s a q&a type of style of room, I’m not the only one responsible for answering anything. You know what I mean?


How To Be A Moderator On Clubhouse

Meg: Right? How have you found other moderators? If people are like, well, I don’t know anyone on Clubhouse. How would I find a co-moderator? What’s your response to that?

Dana: It’s just about showing up on Clubhouse. I’ve met every single person that I moderate rooms with minus one on Clubhouse. It’s crazy. But if you’re on Clubhouse enough, and you show up on the same stages, they are in their rooms. And you ask a question, and then you connect to them offline, and you start to nurture and develop and build that relationship. 

The next thing you know, you’re going to have a relationship enough that you can probably eventually be moderated. Once you start being moderated in some people’s rooms, it adds to your level of expertise, other people start to view you and associate you as another moderator. And then I’m in a position where a lot of rooms I go into now, depending on the room, not all, I’ll just go in just to listen, and I get asked to be up on stage and I immediately get moderated. It’s almost like people are hoping that I can stick around. I think that happens over time, but you have to give it some time and you have to speak. That’s really the best way, to speak and then develop and nurture that relationship outside.

Meg: Okay, that’s good. So, if people are brand new, but they’re like, “Alright, you sold me, I’m in.” Number one, how do you join because it’s not as simple as downloading the app, is that correct?

Dana: So, you’ll have to get an invite at this point. It’s very easy to get an invite now because a lot of people have multiple invites, and they haven’t used them. I have over 10 right now that I haven’t used. So, just ask your network, I would ask anyone on your Facebook or your Instagram or wherever you are if anyone has an extra invite, and you have to have an Apple phone, so, or an iPad, that’s another thing. And then that’s it, then you’re off to the races.

Meg: So, people download that. They get an invite. There in. What are three pieces of homework from you that can send them on their way?

whimsy + wellness podcast ep 16 what is clubhouse

Three Things To Do First On Clubhouse

Dana: The first hour on Clubhouse, here’s what you do. You pick a picture that is either exactly your Instagram picture or a picture of part of your face, ideally with a solid color background. So, Canva has a really great way to do a background remover and just have your face with a solid picture. I switch it up every now and again. But I’m also a little bit more established on the app. If I was just starting and I had zero followers, I would definitely stick to a really good picture and not change it for a long time. 

Fix your bio. We talked about that. If you Google Clubhouse bio, there’s probably a lot of templates that you can play around with. I’d also search other bios and if you like another bio, just screenshot it and create your own from that. And finally, follow, follow, follow people, follow people that you love on Instagram, follow people that you inspire to be, follow your, you know business marketing heroes, follow celebrities, follow any of your friends if you’re in a room and you hear someone speak and they have something that’s interesting to you, even if they’re not in your industry, follow them. Open your eyes to the rooms that you want to get into the more rooms you can get into the better.

Meg: Oh, so good. Is there anything else I missed that maybe you get asked a ton about Clubhouse or just anything else that you would want to add for people?

Dana: Just show up as yourself. Don’t be nervous. The nerves of speaking on Clubhouse are real. Everyone has them, legit me included. I was very openly nervous my first few times speaking. But get over that because everyone knows it’s a strange new medium. And most likely people are not rolling their eyes and what you’re saying, but also a second thing, is keep it brief. Brevity is the one skill that people don’t master on Clubhouse, and it’s enough of a reason to never want to press follow on that person.

Meg: That is such a good word. Wow. Okay. Sorry. I actually do have one more question. Oh, is there a business model that doesn’t work on Clubhouse?

Dana: No. Even big brands are starting to go on Clubhouse. Just the other day like 7000 people were sitting and listening to bacon sizzle, because I hop out of a room so that brands are now on Clubhouse. Personal brands absolutely need to be on Clubhouse. 

Meg: Yeah, that is exciting. Okay, are you ready for rapid fire? What is a failure that turned out to be a gift in the end

Dana: Not getting my casting job that I really, really wanted. And then because of that, it triggered the spiral of starting my own business.

Meg: I love that. Okay, book you’re currently reading, if you’re a reader?

Dana: The book I’m currently reading is called “Brad Better.” It’s about how to promote yourself without feeling yucky about it.

Meg: Oh, that sounds so good.  Who is your entrepreneurial girl crush?

Dana : Oh, jeez. This is a toughy right. You know what I’m obsessed with right now is, She’s a friend of mine. We became friends actually because of Clubhouse. Her name is Judy Haller and she is a keynote speaker and an author and she uses improv comedy to deal with mindset and she’s just fun and fire.

Meg: I love that. Where can people find you and follow along with you? Or even work with you?

Dana: Yes, you can definitely find me over on Instagram @thisisdanabowling. Dana is spelled D-a-n-a and bowling is like a sport. This is Dana Bowling. And my Clubhouse is Dana Bowling, my name, and I’m on Tik Tok, and a mom I have a website I’m everywhere.

Meg: We will put Dana’s information in the show notes if you want to find her and get on Clubhouse.

Dana: Yay. Thank you so much. I appreciate you.

Meg: I appreciate you. It’s just so fun.

Join Haylee Crowley, Creator of Whimsy + Wellness, and Meg Ryan, content creator at Whimsy + Wellness, to talk all things wellness, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and womanhood.


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