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6: How To Spice Up Your Love Life With Oils In The Bedroom with Lucy Libido

whimsy and wellness ep 6 oils in the bedroom
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
6: How To Spice Up Your Love Life With Oils In The Bedroom with Lucy Libido

Are you ready to spice up your bedroom life? In this episode, the infamous Lucy Libido is joining us to share all things oils and how we can find intimacy between the sheets using them. Lucy brings humor and vulnerability into her quest to help women understand natural hormone balancing and how to use oils that support both hers and his bedroom performance. 

Lucy Libido has taken her vast knowledge of oils and created an incredibly popular Lucy Libido class that quickly turned into a large, supportive (and hilarious) community for women looking to improve things emotionally, spiritually, and physically in the bedroom. Tune in to get a juicy, inside look at how the Lucy Libido class came to be, the reason why she turned her content into a best-selling book, which oils work, and why self-love is critical for intimacy.

What we covered:

  • Conducting her own research on oils for intimacy
  • Why you need to experience failing forward
  • Listening and reacting to what your audience needs
  • How to think, feel, and be sexy
  • Lucy’s favorite oils for the bedroom

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The foundation for a healthy, intimate relationship is knowing and understanding your own beauty, your value, and your worth. Because love starts from within. Once you find that self-love and value, your partner will too. 

When you combine this self-love with strategically blended oils, you can achieve an intimate and healthy sexual relationship in between the sheets. Lucy Libido is all about helping women improve things emotionally, spiritually, and physically in the bedroom using oils (and confidence) and she’s here to share her juicy knowledge with us.

Meg: Well, friends, we have the extreme honor of having Lucy Libido on the show today. Welcome. I can’t believe we have you here.

Lucy: Super excited. I love talking with my friend.

Meg: I’m so pumped. I told Haley we should have Lucy Libido on. I wonder if she would come on? When you emailed me back I was like squealing, She said yes. So excited to be with you guys today. Okay, so tell me a little bit about yourself. Who is Lucy Libido? How did Lucy Libido come to be?

Lucy:  Great question. So several years ago, I was teaching oil classes and I thought, Wow, we should teach an oil class for Valentine’s Day for couples to help couples really reunite their relationships and focus on using oils for improving things emotionally, spiritually, and centrally in the bedroom. 


Conducting Her Own Research

So I thought, all right, where do I find the information on this? And I looked and looked and there was no information that even existed on the topic. And so I thought, well, I’ve got two choices here, I can either say, there’s no information on this, I can teach this class, or I’m gonna go I’m going to have to go and research and create that information myself. And so that’s what I did. I said, Okay, I’m going to figure this out. 

We opened up a research group of several women, we had lots of backgrounds, demographics, we had different races, genders, ages, some people were married, divorced, some were pregnant, some were going through menopause. So we got a really diverse group of women together, and I gave them homework. I said, Okay, let’s try this oil for this. Let’s try this oil for that. And we did that for several months where we were doing homework. 

Then I opened up a class to teach, just thinking that this would be for my own group, my own oil group. I opened up a class for them. But the one caveat we had was that all of these women were really sharing a lot of vulnerable details about their bodies, their husband’s bodies, their relationships. Because we talked about all the crap. We talked about what wasn’t working, the baggage, the blocks, the things that were not happening that we wanted to happen. And we came up with a lot of solutions. 

But the woman and even more so than the men who were saying, You’re not going to do this tonight as homework, and you’re just going to go post about it on the internet in the morning. They all wanted a certain level of a nominee. And so what am I going to do? I’m going to teach this class under an avatar and no one will know who I am, therefore, no one will know who you are. 


The Group Everyone Wanted To Be In

What we can do is we can help people that have similar stories, similar problems, and backgrounds. And I will teach under the name Lucy Libido. And so nobody’s identity will be out there on the internet as we’re talking about these problems and the solutions that we’re coming up with. So people were like, Great, awesome. So we opened up the group, Lucy Libido, and it just went viral. It was huge. There were people everywhere trying to get in, I didn’t even know how to move that many people. 

We closed down the class. And I was just like, Oh my gosh, that was a lot of work. There are people coming from everywhere. And I thought that it was a one time class. And I closed that class and said, Oh my gosh, that was so much. We’re so glad I never have to teach that class ever again. The last words, right? 

The next year, I noticed that in a lot of the oil groups, especially the silver and oil groups were leaders saying, hey, how do we get into Lucy Libido’s group? I know you have to have an invite. You have to be in a group, you have to be invited by a certain person. How do I make sure people fit in? I was like, people are trying to find my group. It was an event. The first class was an event that disappeared because it was the first time I really taught online. People were trying to find a group and there was no group and everyone was looking for it. 

I thought, well, if it was gonna happen in group, it’s gotta be me, right? And then I opened my Lucy Libido Facebook account, which I had made for the year prior to teach with that level of anonymity for both myself and my team. And I found that my message box was full of messages. And there were women saying things like, thank you so much for your class. I thought my marriage was over. But we fix things in the bedroom. And now we’re finally connecting again and it has saved our marriage. Thank you so much. And oh my gosh, after my hysterectomy, I thought I would never work again. And I’m finally working again. And I feel like myself again. And thank you. I was so angry all the time. But it was my hormones and I wish everyone would know this. 


Providing What Her Audience Asked For

And they said how do I invite my sister? How do I invite my mom? How do I invite my friend? How do I invite my team and I realized I have to open this group. People are asking for it, there’s a need for it. 

So I opened a public group this time. And in one day, we had 10,000 ads. And it’s grown to over 100,000 people. And that’s where I teach. And I continue to teach under Lucy Libido, we still have a little bit of that, and nomina limiti in there. But now that I’m all over now, I know I’m at diamond down. I teach on the global symposium for all the months. Every year, I go to rallies all over the United States and Canada and Asia. I’m always at conventions, so people see me now so that secrecy is because I’m always on the stage. But the information is still there. And it’s still so much fun. And it helps so many women, and it’s turned into really a journey and a calling for me that I never knew was my calling until I stepped into it. And now it’s just a space that I really love to be in. Helping women.

Meg: I love that so much. And I think what stood out to me is the women and men who were like, you’re not gonna post about this, right? What we are so insecure about is oftentimes what so many other people are struggling with. And we think, it’s just me, it’s just me, so no one can know. But those are the stories that other people connect with the most. And so I love that you were able to share those stories. I wanted to cry when you were saying the messages you were getting.

Lucy: I was crying. I didn’t know what an impact I made until I opened my messages and read people’s messages again. I just taught and then I closed that account. And I didn’t even look at a lot of them for it was almost a year later when I actually read them. And yeah, and I think it was the right time because it told me, you need to do this. It was really special with a very special moment.

Bringing Laughter Into The Conversation

Meg: That’s so cool. And I love that it’s that level of deep, helping people. But also, even in my own oil community. I remember friends being, have you heard of Lucy Libido book and just the giggles. So it’s just brought so much fun. If nothing else, if nothing super deep and vulnerable. For people. It’s like something really fun to giggle about with your friends. And you can be anywhere on that spectrum. I think that’s what I love about it so much.

Lucy: Yeah, it’s a real safe space to be because there is a lot of humor. So if you are in that Facebook group, or if you follow me on Instagram more so than the group, when I’m in there live, and I’m teaching, I’m cracking a lot of jokes. And we do talk about the vulnerable stuff. And we talk about the crap. And we talk about the blocks. And we talk about valuing our self worth and expecting the partner in our life to evaluate our self worth. We talked about really deep, hard topics if things don’t work and what we need to do to fix them. But we also crack a lot of jokes. And we use a lot of innuendo, I have a whole entire language. And if you’ve been in my group, you know what all this fun language is. There’s a lot of laughter in our group. So if anything, come into the group, and follow me and come to my events, if you want to laugh. Yeah, I like to laugh too. And I love to laugh together.

Meg: I love that. I was supposed to go to a local Lucy Libido class that someone was teaching. And I got sick, and my friend went and she was just texting me under the table, she’s texting me different things. And I’m sick, but cracking up. So it’s definitely just so much fun. So many laughs. So that Facebook group and realization that you were really doing something, how did that come about to become your book?


Turning Her Content Into A Book

Lucy: Great question. So the first year that I opened up the group, so originally, the very first class was an event and it disappeared. And people were panicking and trying to get in, and I opened the messages. And when I needed to open up something that’s permanent, that’s going to stay, that became the group that I was teaching. 

In that group I noticed a lot of people were like, Oh, can I take a screenshot? I need to write this down. I want this information. We have so many posts and so much content, and people are saying I really need a guide. I need this in writing because there’s so much content and information here. And it’s hard. 

As you know, on Facebook things get bumped and things get moved around. It’s hard to get all the content in a Facebook forum where things move around. And a lot of people were asking me to put it in writing. I reached the same fork in the road. Okay, I don’t really know how to write a book. I don’t know how to professionally do all the things that go into making a book, but people are asking for this in written form. And the best way to do that is to make a book. So what do I do? 


Even If You Don’t Know How To Do Things, Just Got For It

I either figure out how to write, edit, produce, and publish a book, or I don’t. And so I said, Okay, I’m going to figure out how to do this. And that is how Lucy Libido Says came about. There is an oil that was born and little subtitle there, a girlfriend’s guide to using essential oils between the sheets. And it was definitely a labor of love. It was definitely an experience of failing forward, because my first edition was like, massively bad because I had an editor who was not the right choice. And changed a lot of words in ways that were incorrect and denied. And the book was hilariously bad. 

When I found out, there were a lot of things I didn’t know, that there were problems with it. And I immediately pulled it in like 1000 copies went out. And we actually call it the limited edition naval edition. Because if you got one, it’s almost a rare commodity, because it was the first bad patch before I cut it and fixed it. And we put it out there. And it was just an experience of like, Oh my gosh, it is hard to edit a book, it is hard to catch mistakes. It’s hard to get everything right. 

But I mean, I learned and I fell forward. I learned how to publish, I did the design on the cover. And then I sent it to a designer to actually make it in the files that are correct for books, because I didn’t know how to do files. But I designed everything, I wrote everything, and found great people who are good team members to help with the technical side of it. And now if I need to put out something new, I’ve got a great team who I know who I can trust. 

It’s like anything, the first time you do something, you don’t know how to do it, and you just try and either it works out or it doesn’t. And then you try again. So it was definitely that experience. 


Trying To Meet The Needs Of Your Audience

But the funny thing was when we put it in print, that group was like 10-12,000 people at the time. And I was writing the book while I was teaching the class. And I was just working 18 hours a day trying to get this to the people in the group that were asking for it. I was really trying to meet a need. There were people asking for it. I was trying to meet that need. And I think that’s why it was so successful. 

I didn’t have a website. I didn’t have a publisher, I didn’t have a warehouse. I didn’t even have a website. I had none of that. I just had a Facebook group where I was teaching at the time. And I finished publishing the book. And I said, guess what friends? I know you want the content and book form, I have the book. It’s right here. And I just had like this one page website with PayPal information at the time. And I said, if you want to book him, tell me the information with your address. And I’ll send it to you. 

My husband was like, Oh my gosh, you put so much time and money into this book, I really hope you break even because it was a considerable investment to bring it to print, as is any project. And he said, is this going to go into your downline? Is this going to help your ogv? And I said honestly, no, it’s not because I had followers from all around the world and no one, it’s not going to impact my ogv. And he said then why are you doing it? And I said, because people are asking for it. And they want the information. And I’m the only person that can give it as Lucy Libido. And so I’m going to give it to the people who are asking, whether or not they are in my downline. If there’s a need, I will fill it. So we put the book out. And my paypal account, we started seeing people putting in orders. We were like Okay, guys, more than five people are going to buy this book. That’s kind of cool. And then it kind of kept going up again. And I was like, Oh my gosh, we broke even. All of the costs we put into this, we’re not in the red. That’s super cool. And he’s like, Okay, that’s good to know.


A Book Gone Viral

And then we turned it off. We went to bed. We woke up the next morning and I logged into my paypal account and my jaw just hit the floor. And I said Mr. Libido. He’s like, what? I said we needed to learn how to hire a shipping company. We had sold 8,000 books overnight, and were shipping them from my kitchen table. Like I didn’t even know how to do it. And so it took us weeks to get it out. 

After that. I just gave it to Amazon because I was like I don’t have shipping capabilities, or paper. Amazon does. I’m like Amazon, just take it because I can’t literally ship books all day long. I can’t do this. I gave it to Amazon. They accepted me as an author, but they put it up on their site. And then it became the number one best selling book in essential oils on Amazon. It just flew to the top. 1000s of people were buying it a day and it just went viral. 

Lessons Learned

And from there just groups teach with it. It’s been a wild ride because I had no idea how much need there was for it. But it taught me something. It taught me a couple of things. 

One was that whenever you feel in need, that’s going to come back to you. You always have to feel people’s needs, and there was a need. And the reason why I think it did well was because I was feeling that need. 

Two, to just trust failing forward. Not being perfect, not having the answers. I put it up before I had a shipping company. And then I learned I needed one. So you know, it felt like you’re jumping off a ledge and you’re growing your wings as you go because it was so fast, and so unexpected the way it grew so quickly. 

Then I had to learn how to moderate massively large groups, I had to learn how to have shipping production, I had to get a website set up, I had to learn how to take credit cards, because that made for that. 

I learned as I went, I was not a marketer, with all of these tools in my toolbox. I was a girl at my kitchen counter telling a story that somebody else could relate to and somebody else needed in their life. And that is what it grew from. So that’s how it turned into the massively popular book. And it is so fun. You can grab it at, obviously, it’s also on Amazon too. 

Meg: Yes, it’s amazing. I have it right here. It is so good. And I feel like Lucy, her friends who are just listening, we are both holding our books up on our little zoom. Okay, so it is so good. 

I feel like some essential oil references are just so scientific. I read them and I’m like, Okay, cool. I don’t know what I just read, this is so sciency that I don’t even understand. But the way you write, it’s mind blowing in the sciency sense. But it’s not too crazy to wrap your mind around. And I love that so much You did such a great job. So highly recommend, highly recommend. I was giggling, reading it. It’s so much fun. So I just adore it. So something before we dive in, I’m sure listeners are like talk about sex and oils. Get to the get to the good stuff.


How To Feel, Think, And Be Sexy

But I want to talk about something that you talked about in the beginning of the book, which I absolutely loved. And that was feeling sexy. Because I was just nodding my head along while I was reading. Being and feeling sexy often feels like a small box that I don’t have a seat in. And so it’s hard to even get in the headspace or feel or even think I ever could feel sexy or be sexy. So can you kind of talk about like, what is sexy? And what are the voices in our heads and all of that? 

Lucy: Oh, yes, thank you. This was one of my favorite things that I wrote in the book. And I put it in the beginning because I think it is the foundation for a healthy relationship in knowing and understanding your own beauty and worth and that it’s deeper than just one very small box.

Maybe you have a commercial image of what beauty is, or you know what that can look like. And this came from our actual research group. It was so eye opening. I was giving these women all these exercises and homework assignments to do this and do that, do this and do that. And I gave one homework assignment that just nobody would turn in and no one would do it. And I kept reminding and saying, oh, remember to do this one. Remember to do that one. But people weren’t doing it. And you would think that it was like, Oh my gosh, what kind of an act when she asked these people to do that they would not turn in this one assignment of our research homework. 


The Hardest To Do Is Realizing Our Inner Beauty

But you know what that assignment was? It was to write down 10 things about yourself that are beautiful. That out of everything I gave my women to do was the thing that people were reluctant to do, took forever, really had to think about, and just would not get it back to me. And I and that was eye opening to me. 

I thought why is that so hard? Why are we still reluctant? Why does that really make us stop to pause and be like, gosh, I gotta think on that for a few days. And I realized that it is sometimes ingrained in us that we’re not allowed to say I’m beautiful because of this. I’m confident because of that. I’m great because of that. 

There might be voices that say like, Oh, that is selfish or that is conceited or that it’s egotistical and no. Egotistical is when you believe that you are superior and better than another person. And that is not a good trait to have. But knowing your value, your worth, your beauty and seeing that in yourself is confidence. And I believe that love starts from within, that we have to love ourselves first, that if we don’t already recognize our worth, and our beauty, that we don’t have the ability to give and receive love, because it’s a two way street. And if you can’t see that in yourself, you’re not going to have the open ability to perceive love, in the way that you deserve, and in the way that you were meant to. 

So I always start with talking about your inner beauty, writing down things about yourself. That’s beauty. Beautiful. And when you put that pen to paper, it is beautiful how you realize, Oh, I am beautiful, because I’m empathetic, or kind or thoughtful, or because I work harder because I have passion or because I have drive or because I’m individualistic. Whatever it is that you see in yourself, or that your spouse or partner sees in you that makes you beautiful. When you put that to paper, it brings something out in women. 

It is in the book to write in your book. It is also in our little black book, which is a teacher’s edition. So we have a Teacher’s Guide for teachers to teach the classes like you were mentioning. That your friend went to Lucy Libido class. So we have a teacher’s guide that teaches you how to teach the class. 


Discovering Your Value To Have A Healthy Relationship

That is the first exercise we do in there. Because in order to have a healthy loving relationship, there has to be two people that value you. Who love you and see your self worth. And those two people -one is your partner. Your partner has to value you, love you and see your worth, or you’re not going to have a sexual or healthy intimate relationship. But also that other person is you. You have to value yourself and see your own worth and your own beauty in order to receive and have that healthy relationship. 

So that is critical to that emotional aspect of intimacy, which I believe is a core of healthy and amazing relationships and really amazing sex and intimacy – is that that emotional connection that is there. And that ability to have that open heart of giving and receiving. Receiving openly without shame. It is critical.

Meg: Yeah. And I love that that’s in the beginning. Because like you said, setting those foundational blocks of this has to come first. I love that. So what about for listeners who are like, Okay, great, but I don’t feel sexy at all. How can we work towards that?

How To Feel More Sexy

Lucy: That is such a great question. And again, I think it comes to putting pen to paper. Asking your partner, if you can’t figure out yourself. Ask your partner, ask your friends. Hey, why do you like me as a friend? Hey, why do you love me? 

So that’s kind of reaching out to pull in, that’s a good place to start, you’re your spouse’s and your friends are probably going to say things like, you’re fun, you are tolerant, you are kind, you accept me the way I am. Or you know, you’re good at this or that. And then you can take those and I tell people in the book that if you don’t believe it, you have to actually say it out loud, so that your conscious and your subconscious connect.

I say to write down those things about yourself that are beautiful. And if you need to start with other people’s words, you start with other people’s words. You will eventually come to a place where they will become your own words. And you say it every day and you say it in the mirror, I am beautiful because of this. I am worthy because of this. And the more you say it consciously, the more your subconscious will internalize it. And the more your internal belief system will change, that you actually believe those things that maybe you didn’t believe before.

Meg: Yes, so true. And oftentimes, things that we really, really admire and other people are hidden treasures within ourselves. And maybe what’s sexy to you about other people and not Hollywood’s definition of sexy, but truly your bestie – what about her is sexy?  I think that is so true, because even personality traits. I love people that can make me laugh. And then when I look inward, I love to make people laugh, and so I think they go hand in hand so much. 


Oils For Libido: Intimacy Between The Sheets

Okay, so let’s get to it. Oils for Libido: Intimacy Between The Sheets, however you want to say Friends, we’re going to talk about it. Um, so I think a lot of people are probably like, how do you use essential oils between the sheets? Because, I mean, that’s how I felt using them when I first started. So you use them the same three ways, right? Aromatically, topically and internally. But can you kind of give us the deep dive of each one and how you go about doing so? 

Lucy: So in our research group, we figured out the best oils for intimacy in general. We’ve got a whole book and we’ll go into a few of them. We’d be talking for hours if we went to every single one. 

But yes, we bring it down to the simple thing: you’re going to use it in the same way you put them in your diffuser, and then it’s going to bring those aphrodisiac qualities when you walk in the room and the room smells a certain way. Topically on your skin, there are certain oils that are going to support lubrication, or they’re going to support progesterone levels, or they’re going to support testosterone levels, or they’re going to support firmness in your man.

There are oils that work with our body, or our natural body functions to ameliorate them. So absolutely, you can use them topically and then oils that are generally regarded as safe for consumption. That acronym is GRAS with it and oil is GRAS, you can use that internally as a supplement. And that can supplement and support your body in those ways, too.


Where You Should NEVER Put Essential Oils

Now one very, very important thing that I always make clear is that when we are talking about using, I’m going to go back because you’re going to get adorable. Okay. 321 cup. So one thing I always like to make really clear when you’re using essentials between the sheets is that obviously, the parts of the body that we’re talking about are more sensitive. We never put oils, especially spicy or Hot Wheels, on sensitive membranes, anything that you’re not going to put directly into your eye or near, I should say, near your eye. 

You’re not going to put like down south under the hood of the car. So you know, if you’re talking about like thieves, or peppermint or light the fire, please no friends. You’re not going to use those oils. 

The book has recipes where they’re diluted into proper lubes and love potions that make it so that they’re very effective, but they’re not going to be too strong or too spicy. So whenever you’re using an essential oil between the sheets or in the bedroom, I always recommend putting it in a regular water bottle with some fractionated coconut oil and then using it as a web potion that you roll on. Or you put it in a loop blend where then use the loop so that you’re not putting things on straight.

Some oils, if you’re putting them on your wrists or ankles. Yeah, you can use those neat, but you just want to be very mindful that anything that is caustic with eugenol, like clover, cinnamons or menthol like peppermints, that you’re not going to be using those near sensitive areas. 

And then with any essential oil, you always want to test first on your forearm. I always say here’s the rule forearm before foreskin. And especially the men, they’re like, well, I don’t have foreskin and I’m like, but you understand what you’re talking about? Yes. Okay. So arm before skin. I would never say to take an oil that you’ve never used on your body anywhere and then just like put it somewhere. 

Make sure that you are forearm first. It’s very rare to have major problems using an oil. But the last thing you want to do is find out that you’re somewhat allergic to sugar. And after you’ve put it you know, down the trunk of the tree. Is there a central oils on your forearm first and dilute, dilute dilute. You can always go up. It’s always hard to go down.

So essential oils can be used in those ways. You just have to be cautious that you’re diluting them appropriately. And if you’re brand new, and you’re like I had no idea how to do it, just grab the Lucy Book. There’s recipes in there. If you follow those, they’re absolutely foolproof.

Meg: Yes. Okay, that was such a good rundown. Also in the Lucy Book, she shares so many oils that can be used. So before our interview, I’m like flipping through trying to pick and then I’m like, I’ll have Lucy pick for me.

So if you could pick the top five that people listening need to try out between the sheets, what would they be?

Lucy: This is hard because I have him and her, but I’ll get a couple for her. And I’ll give a couple for him. And again, there’s so many more. It’s just like that it’s so hard. But for women I would say it’s always important to support them in the bedroom. 

I’m helping lubricate levels and oils like clary sage are amazing for that. So I call it Clarity Sage oil because it has high levels of Phytoestrogens which are bioavailable in your body and they’re similar to human estrogens. And they support lubrication of your eyes and also downstairs. So I have rollers in there called Juicy Lucy and they all have clary sage in them. And you can use clary sage on your wrists over your ovaries around your belly button below your navel and your inner thighs, and it really helps to support that process and a woman which obviously makes everything better. I always say it’s never fun to go down a dry waterslide like that. You definitely want water on your slide. So clary sage is fantastic for that. I love that for women.


The Benefits Of Progesterone

Another oil that I love for women is Progesterones Plus. Technically it’s a serum because it’s a blend, but it’s a blend that supports healthy progesterone levels. And progesterone is very heavily tied to libido. So Progesterones Plus, for those of you who are new to oils is a blend that is a balance. It’s a hormone balancing blend oil. And depending on your age, I say if you’re in your 30s wear it the week before your period. If you’re in your 40s and up, I would say wear it every single day because it’s so fantastic at keeping healthy progesterone levels, which is going to help with things like PMS, with anger with low libido. That’s a fantastic oil to balance hormones. 

Depending on your cycle, I don’t always recommend wearing it on the week you’re menstruating just because it will tend to lengthen your period. However, women who have really heavy periods, for example, someone that may have endometriosis, if they have very, very, very heavy periods, they actually like to wear progestins plus through the period because it makes it lighter and longer, like heavier and shorter. 

Think of progesterone as your holding hormone, that is actually the hormone that holds your uterus and it’s the hormone that retains pregnancy. Which is why if women have lots of miscarriages, one of the first things are doctors are going to look at is Hey, what are your progesterone levels, because in a healthy natural pregnancy, your progesterone levels go up to 100% when you’re pregnant, and then when they drop is when you go into labor. 

So as we cycle, our projection level goes up about mid month and then through as we get towards our period, they drop very low. And then that is when we shed and then that’s when we have our period. Now the issue with too low of progesterone is if you’re dropping, your levels dropped too low. As you come up to menstruation, that’s when you tend to have more hormonal headaches, migraines, PMS, anger, anxiety, because that hormone is also a hormone that regulates your mood. So that’s why that drop is also related to PMS. 

So you can manage that drop such that you drop enough to menstruate but it’s not going to stop your instruction. But it’s going to prevent you from going over what I call the line of insanity. So you’ve got like this healthy line. And we do this and we come here when we meet, but it doesn’t tank so low that we feel emotionally out of control. So it’s a fantastic goal. That’s why I love to use it up before my period because that’s when you’re naturally dropping. But if you feel like it’s making your period really, really long, it’s just because it’s a holding hormone that is telling your body, don’t shed. Although you would have to use a lot. 

Knowing Your Own Body

I’ve never known someone to not have a period using Progesterones Plus, but it’s going to make it a little lighter. So lighter you might want if you have a heavy period, but if you have a light period lighter means you’re probably gonna spot for longer on both ends. So you know your own body. You’re going to use oils with your body, you’re going to figure out what you like. One woman’s gonna like it all the time, another woman is going to use it a week before. Everyone’s going to be different but that’s how it works to support that hormone. The great thing about Progesterones Plus is because your hormone levels are more regulated and they’re not dropping so heavy towards your cycle, that’s gonna help so much with your libido and your mood. 

So I tell women to use that as an oil to just manage your cycle but also to use it in the bedroom because it absolutely supports mood so it’s a fantastic one to put on morning and night. If you know you’re planning a day with your with your lover that night, yes and it smells like I can’t even describe it but it smells so good. It’s got a little bit of a mint in it but it’s not super minty. It’s a nice smell. So those are a couple of my favorite oils for her. 


Lucy’s Favorite Oils For Him

My favorite oils for him for the bedroom, in the bedroom – this one I started teaching about. It was always going out of stock and caught up a little bit more, but I love Idaho blue spruce for men. Idaho blue spruce supports healthy testosterone levels in him. So you know, for those of our listeners who are above 18, and have a partner in their life, testosterone is definitely going to support him in the bedroom to have what we call a strong and firm standing soldier. 

So I always say, Idaho Blue Spruce is your soldier to stand at attention. And because nobody wants a slouching soldier, they would get kicked out of the line, right? Yeah, stalwart. They gotta be so Luton, and they cannot get weak. And I love Idaho boosters for that. And that’s one that you can use internally. I should go back there. It is generally regarded as safe for consumption. However, it’s not yet in the vitality line. But it is generally regarded as safe for consumption. So we don’t have printed directions to use as a supplement. But it is generally regarded as safe. So if that’s something that you choose to do, you can take that internally, if you choose to take based on it being GRAS, then you absolutely can use that topically that is a great oil to use in a man lube. 

People ask me, oh my gosh, how is my husband gonna let me just like put this on him? He’s not gonna complain if you give him an Idaho blue spruce oil. I’ve never had one person message me or email me complaining. 

First thing you definitely can dilute. And you can put that like just think of it like you’re out in the forest, you are playing with your lover out in the forest, and you’re getting sick. And you’re going to pull out all the boulders and you’re gonna rub that in those crevices of those hills. And definitely you can even rub that generously up the trunk of the tree and go to all those places. I just say to be aware to maybe avoid the eye of the one eyed snake. Because we won’t put essential oils in our eyes. Other than that, you pretty much can have a lot of fun with that and again, and they love it. So a good idea boost for some size is a super fun way to spice up your bedroom. And that is what I love, love love for him. 

Another oil that I love for him is Nutmeg. It’s kind of underappreciated in the bedroom. But it is a stimulant and nutmeg supports the adrenal glands, which is what gives us energy endorphins. It actually acts a lot like caffeine in the body. So you don’t want to go crazy with it. I say you know, one or two drops is all you need. Dilute that down because it is a little bit spicy. But you only need one or two drops to make any kind of a lube or a love potion just amazing and it gives him a lot of energy. It gives sexual energy and it helps us with healthy vasodilation. 

So vasodilation is the dilation of vessels. So again, for my listeners who are over 18 years old, having a dilated vessels is very important for your man if you want to have a good show at the end of your date. So nutmeg, great oil and that was one that you can use internally and that is one you can use topically with dilution. Make sure you don’t use more than one or two drops, otherwise it can be so stimulating that it can act like caffeine for some people. So again, use in moderation. Dilute amazing and small amounts because you don’t need a lot. 


Her Go To Diffuser Blend For The Bedroom

Okay, those are a few of my favorite oils for him and her topically and you said five. Let me think of one more. I’m gonna say diffuser because those are all topical. Yes, diffuser blends. Well I’m gonna have to give you more than one but I love oils in the diffuser that really set them in with aphrodisiac aromas. 

So Ylang Ylang is an amazing aphrodisiac. Absolutely gets you in the mood and it’s very floral. So I prefer to tone down that floral aroma with either some Cypress which makes it a little bit more witty and smooth, or a little bit of orange, which makes it a little bit more citrusy. I also love, love, love the combination of blue Cypress and Jasmine in the defeat. They’re very romantic. smitten with blue Cypress smells a little bit like sandalwood. It’s a viscous oil and then the jasmine is just so lovey. Jasmine was just given away recently with the Bora Bora Dream Oils. Jasmine was one of those dream oils. And I got that and I’m just super stoked to have a nice new fresh bottle of jasmine because I love jasmine and Lucy in the diffuser.

Meg: But I have to try that because I’ve had blue Cypress but I was like, What do I use this for? I think I must have won it or something. 

Lucy: Blue Cypress was a promo in the last year. And blue Cypress is one of my favorite oils, again underappreciated. It is very romantic smelling. It’s high in sesquiterpenes. Sandalwood is a discus, which really helps to support oxygenation in the brain. And putting that in the diffuser is just so Zen and good for your mind. Calming and relaxing and you put Jasmine in there. It’s so romantic. Ooh,

Meg: I love that. I was trying so hard. Because I know that I have a microphone in front of my face. I was trying so hard not to lose it cracking up because I knew that listeners want to be able to hear you. But this is so fun. I hope people are giggling away in their cars or wherever they’re listening. When you said, pretend you and your lover are having like a date in the forest. I was like, I’ll never be able to smell that again without thinking like I want to date in the forest.


Lucy’s Favorite DIY Recipe

Yes. Okay. Um, since we’re Whimsy and Wellness, would you share your favorite DIY recipe?

Lucy: Oh, my favorite DIY fry recipe hands down is beautiful. Love button stroking jelly. It does what it sounds like. It is a jelly for love button stroking and it’s incredible. And it’s brought women back from, women who are like, I’m in my 60s. I thought I was done and they’re like, I’m 20 again. That’s a thing. So it’s a jelly blend. It’s a lube. And then it has sensation, joy, orange, and just a teeny bit of peppermint in there. Again, not so much that it’s going to be crazy. Like one drop but it’s in the loop base of several tablespoons of lube. And so it’s this tingling sensation that is like a highway. Highway to Heaven is incredible.

Meg: Oh my goodness. Okay and that’s in your book right?

Lucy: It is the number one most popular recipe. We also have these really cute guests note folios. If you teach a Lucy video class, you can get the little black book which is a teacher’s manual and it comes with coordinating little notebook cards for guests. They’re like 60 cents each per guest. So they’re affordable and it has that recipe on the back too because it has a Make & Take. You can take the class and then you turn it over and there’s a Make & Take recipe and then you can go make and take with your little posse there and then. You can take it home with a little sample and use it with your husband. And when you do that it’s pretty hilarious, Megan, because then that next morning all the husbands are like what’s on essential rewards program so we never come out of these again, that we apparently need new 10 Royals that I didn’t know about. Like if you want to get him in on essential rewards so you just send him his wife home with a button stroking jelly to try it.

Meg: That is so strategic. I love that. And there are so many recipes in this book. If you have a friend getting married and you know you’re wanting to give some DIY gifts maker that’s the fun book to give away for a wedding or bachelorette party book to get. It’s a fun book to give when someone gets an oil kit, too. It’s a fun, good book to give away for Valentine’s Day. 


Valentine’s Day Box

Lucy: We have a special Valentine’s Day box. So this episode is going to come out at the end of February. And if we’re not sold out, we have a special Valentine’s Day box that has the book in it and a deck of cards. But the deck of cards will stay even if the box is gone. We have a really fun Valentine’s Day Special which is a deck of cards in this called Tattoo My Heart and it comes with gold tattoos that you put on your neck or your thigh or your ankle or your chest. And then it’s got playing cards that coordinate with all of the Lucy Libido oils. And so it tells you to put this oil on this part of your body and do this and that. It’s super fun. You get all the wheels in you that it’s going to make your night amazing. And then as you go through your deck and you’re putting down your cards and you get to that tech to when you hit that tattoo, then I say game is over the card game ends and then the loving begins. So is a really fun date night game. And right now for Valentine’s day they’re coming in a bundle but you can get them separately too. 

So if you already have a Lucy book, you can still get the card deck for February but even for anything time of the year. It’s a fun game. It’s a way to spice things up. It’s fun for weddings and some for bachelorettes, fun for anniversaries. If you’re like, Okay, we’ve been married so many years. Let’s get something fun for us for the anniversary. This card deck is so fun. So we have so many ways to make it so fun for you over at the website.


The Lucy Libido Facebook Group

Meg: Yay. And they can join your Facebook group. Correct. And what is that just Lucy Libido? If they search it on Facebook?

Lucy: Yep, you should be able to find it if you search Facebook. If not, here’s the link it’s super secret If you remember that, that will take you directly to my group. We moderate that group very heavily. We ask you questions that say, Hey, where did you find us from? As long as you answer the questions you get right on in. If you don’t answer the questions, you probably will not because we keep it a safe organic space for our women. So all you need to do is say when it says hey, how did you hear about me just say, Hey, I heard about you on the Whimsy and Wellness podcast. We see that, you’re in. So just make sure you answer those moderation questions.

Meg: Amazing. This has been so fun. I hope people have learned something. I’ve learned something. I want to go like diffuse and all of the things. Can we have rapid fire questions?

Are you ready? Okay, number one, fill in the blank. I’m inspired by

Lucy: Oils. That was the first thing that came to mind. 

Meg: Okay, something you wish you could tell your younger self.

Lucy: It’s okay to fail forward.

Meg: That is such a good one. I wish we could learn that way younger for sure. Your nighttime guilty pleasure snack?

Lucy: Oh, the one that I wish I would usually say is a piece of chocolate but it’s usually a bowl of cereal.

Meg: Why is cereal so good at night?

Lucy: It’s because it’s fast and easy. And you’re hungry. You don’t want to make a mess.

Meg: I swear it’s better at night then but I do like Kellogg’s chocolate. The white cereal has little chocolate and in the cereal box probably my favorite cereal. I don’t need it in the morning. But I guess chocolate.

Lucy: Oh, that is so good. Not a healthy recipe at all. But you know it is a guilty pleasure. Right? 

Meg: Okay. And then you’ve pretty much already answered this. But maybe you have a different answer that’s not between the sheets. What’s your go to essential oil roller blend?

Lucy: Roller blend, like four in the sheets or for anything? 

Meg: Anything, now what’s your go to?

Lucy: I always have a Stress Away roller in my bag because I love it. It’s just calming and it smells so great. And I always have a diesel or my bag just because of touching icky stuff. I’m always rolling. I roll these on my hands with my roller probably more than I use my hand sanitizer just because I love it. So I love always having those two rollers in my bag at all times.

Meg: That’s so good. Okay, and then we already went over where listeners can find you but you have an Instagram correct? Can you share that?

Lucy: Yeah. So yeah, it’s again, super hard. For Instagram/LucyLibido. Facebook again, The group, which is where I teach and I have a lot of fun, is 

And we’re also in the process of putting more content on the website, just because sometimes it’s hard to find things on Facebook as it moves around. So we’re taking a lot of our Facebook content and putting it on the website so it’s easier to navigate. And again, that’s And I have a blog on there with tips. And I have a place where you can buy all the fun stuff like the book, the role models, the tattoo, aphrodisiac love deck, all that is there. 

We’re going to be putting teaching educational courses on their students that we’re gonna be pulling from Facebook. So you pretty much can get everything in one stop at

Meg: Amazing. I will put that in the show notes for everybody so you can click over. This has been so much fun. I feel like I just hung out with a girlfriend. So thank you. For the host, I feel like it’s sitting around laughing and talking with a good friend. 

Lucy: Yes, we need more laughter seriously. So thank you. I hope people listening just walk away feeling excited and empowered and sexy.

Meg: Yes, you are beautiful. Absolutely. Thank you so much for being on.

Lucy: Thanks Megan. Thanks Whimsy & Wellness. We love your site.

Join Haylee Crowley, Creator of Whimsy + Wellness, and Meg Ryan, content creator at Whimsy + Wellness, to talk all things wellness, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and womanhood.


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