WW Ep. 10 Finding your rythm as a mom during challenging times

10. Finding Your Rhythm as a Mom During Challenging Times with Lesley W Graham

Real life can be both beautiful and challenging. It’s a mixed bag of tricks full of seasons that ebb and flow –and all you can do is find a rhythm that works for your family. Within that rhythm is staying grounded, prioritizing your mental health, and setting realistic expectations for yourself and your kids. In this episode, I am talking to Lesley W Graham, super mom and lifestyle blogger who has navigated the craziness of

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whimsy + wellness ep 9 immune system and essential oils

9. Proactively Caring for your Immune System Using Essential Oils with Dr. Lindsey Elmore

All humans are magnificent beings that deserve a healthy life. Improving your health and wellness can be simple, free, and accessible to everyone. It just takes self-discipline, self-love, and making choices that benefit your body. From supplements and essential oils to walks outside and social connection, reducing stress levels is one of the key components to living a healthy life. In this episode, I am talking to Dr. Lindsey Elmore, a clinical pharmacist who focuses

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whimsy and wellness inspired to dream with casey wiegand (2)

7: Why We Should All Be Inspired to Dream with Casey Wiegand

Chasing your dreams is an adventurous journey that includes beautiful moments of pure bliss and deep heartache. Our guest today has creatively shared her own unique and beautiful story and turned it into a powerful tool to encourage connection and inspire her community to go after their own dreams. In this episode, I am talking to Casey Wiegand, mama to four, artist, dreamer, and owner of Casey Leigh Essentials and The CaseyLeigh Collection. Today, Casey

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whimsy and wellness ep 6 oils in the bedroom

6: How To Spice Up Your Love Life With Oils In The Bedroom with Lucy Libido

Are you ready to spice up your bedroom life? In this episode, the infamous Lucy Libido is joining us to share all things oils and how we can find intimacy between the sheets using them. Lucy brings humor and vulnerability into her quest to help women understand natural hormone balancing and how to use oils that support both hers and his bedroom performance.  Lucy Libido has taken her vast knowledge of oils and created an

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whimsy and wellness ep 5 belonging in the crystal world

5: Finding True Belonging In The Crystal World with Rachael James

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in the box that people try and put you in? Finding true belonging means stepping into your authenticity so deeply that you completely embrace who you are. When our guest today felt unwelcome in her local crystal shop, she shook up the industry and created a space at the table for those interested in crystals so they too could find true belonging. In this episode, I am

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Join Haylee Crowley, Creator of Whimsy + Wellness, and Meg Ryan, content creator at Whimsy + Wellness, to talk all things wellness, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and womanhood.


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