whimsy + wellness podcast ep 16 what is clubhouse

16: What is Clubhouse & How It Can Grow Your Business with Dana Bowling

Are you wondering what Clubhouse is and how you can leverage it for your business? No matter what type of business you have, Clubhouse is the newest app with all the potential. From optimizing your bio to speaking up in rooms, we are deep-diving into how you can use this app to build a following and grow your business. In today’s episode, I am talking to Dana Bowling, Instagram, and Clubhouse Queen who helps her

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15: Optimizing Your Menstrual Cycles & Hormones Through Nutrition with Margaret Powell

Do you experience bad periods? Maybe your sleep is poor, you lack energy, you feel stressed, you gain or lose weight unexpectedly. Like so many women out there, you might be “doing everything right” –you’re exercising, you’re eating healthy, you avoid toxins. But at the end of the day, you might actually be experiencing hormonal imbalance. And our guest today helps women fix just that. In today’s episode, I am talking to Margaret Powell, a

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essentials oils for pregnancy labour post partum whimsy + wellness ep 14

14: Using Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum with Wynne Elder

What do you actually need to do or have before, during and after birth? From birth plans and hiring a doula to using essential oils or CBD rollers, finding what works for you on your journey to motherhood is essential. There is beauty in birth and in motherhood, no matter what it looks like. In today’s episode, I am talking to Wynne Elder, mama of four helping other mamas create healthy rhythms and make room

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Whimsy + Wellness Ep 13 Lo Harris

13: Turning Your Art Into a Business with Lo Harris

How can you transition from art as a hobby to art as a profitable income? Pursuing art doesn’t have to remain a dream, or even a side hustle. When you understand what your unique approach to art is, you can start to position your artistic creativity in a way that makes sense for you, and build a business from there. In today’s episode, I am talking to Lo Harris, illustrator, animator, and digital artist who

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Whimsy + Wellness episode 12 opening your home and heart to fostering

12: Opening Your Heart and Home To Foster Care with Emily Recker

It takes a firm yes, the ability to love without abandon, and the strength to persevere during the hard times to be a good foster parent for children who need a loving home. It’s also an incredibly powerful way to make a positive and impactful difference in their lives. Today’s guest is giving us an inside look at foster parenting and how impactful she’s found it for herself, her family, and the kids who enter

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Whimsy + Wellness Podcast Ep. 11 Emotional Healing

11: Finding Emotional Healing & Freedom Using the Aroma Freedom Technique with Kristen Maple

Everybody carries subconscious stories or memories from the past. When those stories bring negative emotions into your mind, body, and soul – looking within can help you find the intuitive healing, connection, and freedom you seek. The Aroma Freedom Technique is a great way to help you do just that. In this episode, I am talking to Kristen Maple, an Aroma Freedom Practitioner who empowers women to find freedom and healing in their body, mind,

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Join Haylee Crowley, Creator of Whimsy + Wellness, and Meg Ryan, content creator at Whimsy + Wellness, to talk all things wellness, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and womanhood.


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