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19: Pairing Essential Oils & Crystals To Your Enneagram Type with Meg + Haylee

whimsy + wellness podcast ep 19 enneagram and essential oils
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
19: Pairing Essential Oils & Crystals To Your Enneagram Type with Meg + Haylee

Are you into the Enneagram? If you are, have you ever wondered which oil or crystal would be perfectly suited to your personality? Well, we’ve put together the perfect pairings for you, so you know which oils and crystals will help you combat stress, tap into your superpowers, and give yourself a little extra self-care – all based on your Enneagram type!

In today’s episode, Haylee, the founder of Whimsy and Wellness, and I walk you through all nine Enneagram types and which oils and crystals pair well with each type. We’re giving a brief overview and definition of each enneagram number before diving into the perfect oils and crystals that we recommend each type should use.


Essential Oils Mentioned:

Peace & Calming


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Resources Mentioned:

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“Nines can use orange to increase feelings of joy and peace. Even when the world around them seems bleak petitgrain is a calming and balancing oil. It’s sometimes used by ones and sevens when they’re allowed inner critics are taking over, but it could also be used by nines to promote quiet and confidence when they feel that other people’s voices are too loud and they can’t hear their own.” – Haylee


“There’s no right or wrong way to use oils or crystals. At Whimsy and Wellness, we always say, “How do you want to use it?” – Haylee

Meg: Hi friends. It’s Meg and Haley. We are so excited for today’s episode because we are sharing with you the perfect oils and crystal pairings for your Enneagram type. 

If you missed last week’s episode with Steph Barron Hall of Nine Types Co. teaching us all about Enneagram basics and all of that good stuff on getting to know your Enneagram type, make sure you go back and listen to that episode first. Especially if you don’t know your Enneagram number at all or if you need to learn a little bit more about your type, your number. Just make sure you go back to that episode. And then once you know a little bit more about your number, come back here and learn about the perfect oil pairings and crystal pairings. 

Just in case you haven’t listened to that, or as a quick reminder, in the simplest terms, the Enneagram is a set of nine distinct personality types with each number one through nine denoting one type. It is very common to see a little bit of yourself in all the types and the more that you learn and investigate your core motivations and read about them and listen to more podcasts about the Enneagram it’ll become more clear what your number is. So, don’t give up. 

Haylee: I was not a believer at first and now I’m a firm believer. So in this episode, we’ll give you a very brief overview and definition of each type before we dive into which oils and crystals are perfect for your type. As Meg mentioned, definitely listen to last week’s episode if you’re not familiar with your type yet. 

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again, there’s no right or wrong way to use oils or crystals. I’m sure you’ll listen to this episode and hear you know the oil that we recommend or the crystal that we recommend for your type and you’re wondering how do I use it? At Whimsy and Wellness, we always say, “How do you want to use it?”

Meg: If you’re only diffusing oils then just diffuse those oils and if you know want to hold on to the crystals and meditate with them or if you just want to put them on the shelf because they’re cute, we’re all for it. So, if you want to learn more about using essential oils, the very first episode that Haylee and I did together is all about using essential oils. So, you could head to that episode if you want to learn more. 

And then, Rachel James, from Wild Alabaster, did an episode all about crystals and that is episode six. So, we will link both of those in the show notes for you if you want to learn more about oils and crystals. Are we ready to dive into all nine types? 

Haylee: I’m so ready. 

whimsy + wellness podcast ep 19 enneagram and essential oils

Oils & Crystals For Enneagram Type One

Meg: Okay I’m going to start. So Enneagram one, their nickname is the idealist or the reformer. So, ones traditionally are very principled, disciplined, and idealists. They tend to excel at anything that they put their hand on because they value excellence, and their superpower is helping the rest of us be excellent. They fight for a better and more just world. 

So, some oils we would recommend are mostly woodsy and earthy smelling. They’re perfect because often ones can get stuck or caught up living in their heads and they can use some help reconnecting to their body and their senses and woodsy and earthy oils are perfect for that because they’re super grounding. So specifically, we love Ylang Ylang and Frankincense are the two that we chose for Enneagram ones because they’re both super grounding. But they’re also powerful and intense, just as type ones are. 

Haylee: So, a little bit about Ylang Ylang. It’s been proven to help combat anxiety, something that sometimes ones struggle with. And it can also help them tap into their superpowers and release their tight grip on control by both focusing and relaxing at the same time. Ylang Ylang can also help bring wholeness to your entire self and not just your mind. 

Frankincense does something similar, but it’s especially known for its emotional support. So, we would recommend trying this if you’re feeling disconnected from your physical body and want to feel centered, grounded, and loved. And so as Meg mentioned, you could diffuse these you could put them in a roller or you could just smell them directly from the bottle. I love to apply them to my wrists and neck when I’m using oil specifically for emotions or to try to feel more grounded.

Crystals. So, our favorite crystals for type ones are lapis lazuli, pink lemurian, quartz chrysocolla, and tangerine quartz. So, a tiny bit about each one. Lapis lazuli is known as the stone of truth and ones can keep it close to be reminded of their worth, of their wisdom. 

Pink lemurian quartz can help ones lean into their spiritual awareness and female energy. Chrysocolla can help ones find self-compassion, peace, and self-forgiveness. And then tangerine quartz can help ones let go of their past stop being afraid of mistakes and let their creative energy loose.

So, even if you’re not the type that we’re talking about, you can totally use the oils. I’m sure this goes without saying. I’m not a one but like tangerine quartz. You don’t have to be any way to use any crystal or oil. 

Meg: Absolutely can’t agree with that more. 


Oils & Crystals For Enneagram Type Two

Enneagram twos are the helpers they are the people that show up. They’re super generous and warm-hearted and serving-oriented. Steph said in our interview with her last week that if you know a two that you know what to do. And that is so true. When people tell me I’m a two I’m like, yep, I see. So, twos need to be needed. Part of their inner work is learning to give themselves permission to rest and believe in their worth whether other people need them or not. 

Haylee: Oils for type twos. So honestly, the best oils for type twos are spa oils. Because if you’re a two, those scents will remind you to tend to your own self needs with the same love and attention that you gave that you give to others. So, the two that we chose for type twos are rose and lavender and these oils help a to recognize and name their own needs, becoming much healthier and wholehearted.

So, Rose is expensive but you should treat yourself to it. But rose is our favorite for twos because it’s an expensive oil. So, every time you use it, you can remember that you are worthy of treating yourself. And yeah, you’re worthy. If you don’t have rose, you could always reach for another similar oil It’s still a little bit pricey but a little less pricey is jasmine. 

Rose is one of my favorite oils ever. I mean roses too, right? Obviously, but yeah, yeah, something about neroli I agree. Any of those treat yourself oils, any that you see in a catalog or wherever you’re shopping and you feel a little bit guilty but also get butterflies, that’s the one. And then lavender. So, lavender obviously reminds us of spas, at least I think so, and relaxation, and really helps to refocus on their own wellness and self-acceptance instead of using service to avoid fears of rejection.

Meg: Crystals for type twos can reach for amethyst tourmaline of venturing and rose quartz.  Amethyst is a balancing stone that can help to balance their desire to help with their need to rest. And then tourmaline promotes awareness of self. As twos become more self-aware, they can make better decisions about who they show up for and why and then adventuring can help build a sense of inner harmony as twos do the inner work. It also protects the heart chakra if you’re into chakras, and then rose quartz can help to lean into their superpower making others feel loved, needed, and welcomed.

Haylee: I love reading about them and learning about them. Also if you’re listening, and that sounds like something you could use right now. Do it.

Meg: Yes, and we see it’s so common to see ourselves in all of the numbers. So, if you’re new to the Enneagram please know that it’s so normal to be like, “I’m this one. Wait, maybe I’m this one, too.” 

Haylee: That’s exactly what I did. I’m all of them. That was literally me and then I was stuck between two different numbers and I was like, “I’m both. I’m just both. I can’t choose.” It took me a long time to really figure out what I really was. So yes, and it’s so fun, the journey, to learn about all the different ones as you’re trying to learn about yourself and then really asking yourself the hard questions of, “Why do I do that? And what is the reason?”


Oils & Crystals For Enneagram Type Three

Haylee: Enneagram threes. They’re also known as the achievers. Type threes are similar to ones. They’re very driven but where ones are driven by desire to be good or right, threes are driven by a desire to be liked. So, threes make incredible role models when they’re healthy and self-aware. 

Some oils that we chose for Enneagram threes are Palo Santo and lavender. Palo Santo smells so good. It’s super woodsy and it’s from South America. A lot of people are more familiar with sage. They call Palo Santo the South American version of sage. In South America, they use Palo Santo instead of sage. So, if that helps things. 

Meg: I know I learned that I thought this was interesting. 

Palo Santo is also related to myrrh and frankincense and it’s believed to have spiritually cleansing properties. So for our threes, Palo Santo can help you reconnect to your inner child and your soul’s true longings instead of trying to measure up to society’s ideals for your life. 

Meg: That sounds amazing. 

Hayle: The other one is lavender. 

Meg: We love lavender. Everyone loves lavender, right? 

Haylee: Yeah. So, lavender can help threes calm themselves and relax, and of course, sleep well at night. All things that are necessary for tapping into their superpowers and finding the time during the day to connect with themselves. 

Meg: I love it. Crystals. So, type threes can reach for tiger’s eye rhodonite, opalite, or brown goldstone. A little bit about each one. So, tiger’s eye is a very powerful and strong stone that helps threes tap into their superpowers which are getting things done, and done really, really well. Yeah, motivating stone.

Rhodonite is an emotional balancer and it can help threes slow down to take time for healing and reconciliation in their relationships. Opalite can bring peace and calm to a stressed-out three by boosting their self-esteem. 

Haylee: Brown Goldstone is the ambition stone it can help threes accept themselves so that they’re less driven by fear of not being liked. Goldstone is so pretty. So, Goldstone is actually glass, but inside there’s a little flex it looks like sparkles, and those flecks are made out of copper. Yeah, opalite is also a man-made glass. But it looks like opal with that iridescence. They are technically glass, but people still feel that they can have these properties because glass is technically still natural.

Glass still occurs naturally, and so these different a lot of crystal properties come from color therapy as well. Anyway, I just thought I’d share that little tidbit because I think it’s so fascinating. 

whimsy + wellness podcast ep 19 enneagram and essential oils

Oils & Crystals For Enneagram Type Four

Meg: Enneagram type fours, the individualist. Fours are known for being creative, in part because they’re really in touch with their feelings. They can be honest with and about their emotions and tend to be very self-aware emotionally. Along with that, though, comes a tendency for fours to feel swallowed up by their feelings. 

So, let’s talk about oils for fours. We recommend bright citrusy and invigorating oils, for type fours for their ability to uplift and ground us. You’re going to notice a theme with all of these oils. Every single one ground us. So maybe every number, in some way, needs help being grounded, right? 

Haylee: So, the oils that we chose for types specifically are neroli and grapefruit. Neroli, we already mentioned is a superpower oil that interacts with the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that controls the nervous system and so, neroli really helps enhance the mood and calm stress, which are big complaints from fours oftentimes. It’s also a really unique oil that can stimulate creativity. It also smells so good. 

Orange blossom. Yeah. So, if you’ve ever stood by an orange tree when it’s blossoming, you can smell it, and it smells so good. I think early is my favorite oil if you can’t tell. It’s straight from the bottle. It doesn’t smell like I thought it would. It’s really strong, but if you just put a drop on your skin or in the diffuser, it lightens it up and it smells amazing.

Meg: Yes, so good. It’s really, really yummy in perfume blends and all the things, and then citrus oils are known for their ability to fight depression and increase energy. There’s been studies on citrus oils, how they trigger this childhood joy in our brain. If you ever feel happier or lighter when you smell a lemon or an orange, it’s actually real. 

Haylee: So, fours often grab gravitate towards grapefruit for this reason. I know a couple of fours. It’s so funny. The recipes that they share have grapefruit in them all the time, and that was so interesting to me. So, I feel it’s an underrated citrus. I love it. 

Meg: Crystals for type fours. Tell me if I say these wrong. Crystals for type four are Black onyx, carnelian, hematite, and citrine. I’m not the crystal pro in this conversation, so we’re learning.

Haylee: Yes. I’m always learning. I’m learning about crystals right along with you guys.

Meg: Yeah, it’s a journey. All the stuff is a journey. 

Haylee: So, those four can help them find healing and tap into their superpower. So, a little bit about each one. Black onyx helps with grief and decision-making, which are two things that can easily overwhelm fours.

Meg: My gosh, decision-making overwhelms me. 

Then carnelian is an invigorating stone, restoring lost motivation and stimulating creativity. White hematite can help a four connect back to the earth and think deeply and creatively. Citrine is another creativity stone that also helps open fours to success and abundance fully embracing their gifts. 

Meg: Yay, fours!

Haylee: I know, I love Citrine for those exact reasons. Put citrine, for Fung Shui, you’re supposed to put a chain in the back left corner of your home. That’s the abundance corner. So from your front door, if you’re standing there, whatever the back left corner is, just put a little piece of citrine there to do that. Beautiful fact.

For a while, I just happen to have a shelf in that back corner. Then we just had a bunch of extra citrine, so the whole shelf was just full of citrine. 

Meg: Exactly. I mean, they told me to do it. So, obviously, that’s where the citrine goes. Yes.  


Oils & Crystals For Enneagram Type Five

Haylee: Enneagram fives. Their nickname is the investigator. So, type fives are the most private and secretive of all the Enneagram types. Fives have a very rich inner thought life. They’re extremely analytical, but can also be very perceptive. Fives are who you want nearby when you need to make a decision. But sometimes fives need help connecting with interesting the world around them. 

This is so true for fives there. I have a very good friend that’s a five and I always look to her when I’m like, “What do I do?” She’s always like, “Well, this is what you do. These are the facts. This is what you do.”  

Meg: I have a family member that’s a five and playing board games with him is just not even fun. I’m like, “How do you know that?” He’s so funny.  

Yeah. I love all the types for all different reasons. 

Haylee: Yes, we need all of them. I always say that we need all the different personality types because everyone has a strength that the other doesn’t. Yes, it’s that way for a reason. 

The oils that we chose for type five are orange and patchouli. These oils are nurturing and calming, while also being uplifting and invigorating. A perfect pair for a type who loves to think. So, orange’s uplifting citrus aroma can help with feelings of low energy and even depression.  Meg mentioned before, citrus oils are really good for all those things. Patchouli is an earthy essential oil. It can help you feel more grounded and connected to those around you and relieve feelings of anxiety depression, and stress. 

Meg: We all need that. Together, they actually smell so good. They smell different, in ways, when separate. Patchouli, I’m not gonna lie is not my personal favorite, but you put it with orange, and I get it. 

Haylee: Yeah, I agree. If you make a roller or something just do one drop of patchouli and then put a bunch of citrus oils in it. Citrus oils make patchouli smell so so good. Yes, and then you get the benefits of both of them at the same time.

Meg: Crystals that we chose for type five are turquoise, tanzanite, ruby, and pyrite. So, turquoise as a protective stone, which can help a five feel brave enough to be vulnerable with others. We all need help with I think.

Tanzanite is a good stone for meditation. It also helps deepen the mind and heart connection and helps with communication to things that fives sometimes struggle with. Five sometimes can also be known to have lower energy and ruby can help with that. It also increases concentration and motivation.

Haylee: Pyrite also energizes and increases creativity and helps fives tap into their natural abilities to lead. Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold. So, it’s super sparkly. It was called that because it can look like gold, and so when they were panning for gold a long time ago it’s called fool’s gold. It can fool you because you see something sparkly in the water or whatever, and you think it’s that, and then it’s just pyrite. 


Oils & Crystals For Enneagram Type Six

Meg: Next is the Enneagram six, the loyalist, which is my Enneagram type, so I feel weird talking about it, but here we are. They’re known as the loyalists, they’re loyal, imagine that. Loyal, focused, and often pretty witty. 

I recently found out that Ellen DeGeneres is a six, and Will Smith. Friends you should Google if you know your Enneagram number. Just Google “celebrities Enneagram.” It’s so interesting. 

Haylee: Do you think the celebrities confirm this? Or it’s just people typing them? 

Meg: It’s got to be people typing them, right? Will Smith actually said it, but I think Ellen was just typed. I could be wrong. 

So. sixes tend to worry a lot and struggle with anxiety, but then healthy sixes are competent and fun to be with. While sixes who haven’t done the tough inner work tend to be a little bit more pessimistic. Pessimistic and fearful. 

Oils that are good for type six are calming and grounding oils. So, we chose lavender and sandalwood. So lavender, we’ve talked about it a lot with all the different numbers but for sixes, it’s especially great because it’s proven to ease feelings of anxiety and depression and it also is a powerful sleep aid. I personally diffuse this no matter what I’m diffusing at bedtime lavender is  99% of the time to feel paired with it. Sometimes it’s frankincense and lavender or peace and calming and lavender or a tree oil. But lavender is always in there. 

So, if you struggle with sleep or restlessness, definitely try lavender. Then, sandalwood is also a great choice for sixes because it has calming properties that can lead to a greater sense of security route relaxation and peace, which is so needed for sixes. I also personally, as a six, always say when I’m really, really anxious and overthinking it all, tree oils just are really calming and grounding for me. Which, I mean, tree oils are grounding for everyone, but I’ve just found as a six when the worries are getting the best of me if I just put a tree oil in the diffuser, spruce or frankincense or something, it just really helps. Grounding ones, I think that’s for everybody. Would you agree?

Haylee: I love tree oils.

Meg: What’s your favorite tree oil? Do you have one?

Haylee: That’s hard. I really love northern lights black spruce.

Meg: Me too. For sure my favorite, and then this one is a Young Living specific one, but I know it’s sacred mountain. Have you ever smelled that one?

Haylee: I think I have. I don’t remember it right now. It’s tree oils with Ylang Ylang

Meg: So, if you don’t have it, you can make it, but it is so good. When my worries would get the best of me at night, that’s what I would have in my diffuser to feel safe. I would feel unsafe and then I would use that one. 

So, grab all your tree oils and your Ylang Ylang and throw them in. What was your favorite, northern lights?

Haylee: That is my favorite tree oil, but I also pair them with florals. So, it’s funny that you said that or with citrus.

Meg: You know what I forgot? Frankincense is a tree oil. That’s true. That is hard to pass up. So, I’m gonna have to tie that with my other. Can you tell maybe sixes are a little indecisive?  

So for crystals, we love rose quartz, rainbow moonstone, pink opal, and tourmaline rose quartz. Rose quartz is the love stone and it can help a six blossom into the amazing person that they can be in relationships. 

Rainbow moonstone is really calming, especially during change and transition, which can be very anxiety-ridden for sixes. Then pink opal is calming, emotionally balancing stone and it’s really pretty, right?

Haylee: Yeah I think all crystals are really pretty. But yeah, pink opal is a super light, blush-colored pink. It reminds me of pink sand. Then, tourmaline is a very protective crystal helping to block negative energy for a six and increase their sense of self-compassion.

Meg: Yes. Great choices. I love them all. So, now I need to buy all those crystals.

Haylee: I know. Anyway, my whole garage is filled with crystals right now.

Meg: I don’t want to get rid of any of these. Can I just go sit in my garage every day? I know your house must just be a vibrating energy bubble of amazingness.

Haylee: Yeah, except for my kids running around. 

Meg: Yes, tell them “Don’t under my vortex of high vibration.” 

Haylee: Yes, but it doesn’t stop them. t’s not strong enough anymore. 

whimsy + wellness podcast ep 19 enneagram and essential oils

Oils & Crystals For Enneagram Type Seven

Enneagram sevens. Their nickname is the enthusiast. So sevens are enthusiastic, energetic, and fun-loving. They love having adventures and trying new things. They are afraid of being in pain and will use being busy to mask grief or really any negative emotion. Unhealthy sevens can be distracted and struggle to finish things. But healthy sevens who are doing the inner work become more focused. 

Some oils we chose for sevens are peppermint and bergamot. Peppermint can help increase focus and invigorating helping a seven tap into their superpowers and feel amazing. Sevens can sometimes also become self-critical when they’re stressed or unhealthy so they stress.  Bergamot oil can help by lifting the mood and releasing negative feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. 

Meg: Bergamot is amazing. I mean, I love peppermint, too, but love bergamot. 

Haylee: So, Bergomat is citrusy as well, but it’s much lighter citrus. I remember telling a friend about bergamot. I sent her a voice message about how it smells so good, like Fruit Loops, and she sent me a message back and she’s just like, “Fruit Loops reminds me of my children, that would cause more stress!” because I was telling her how it helps ease my stress so much. 

Meg: Fruit Loops would not stress me out, it’s also yummy. We mentioned this in our other episode, but for those of you that don’t know, Earl Grey tea is black tea with bergamot in it. So, if you ever smelled bergamot or Earl Grey tea, you probably know it.

Haylee: You told me this.

Meg: Yeah, it might be why it smells familiar when you smell bergamot. 

Haylee: Crystals for our sevens, smoky quartz, labradorite, sapphire, and sunstone. So, smoky quartz is a soothing, no bad vibes here, sort of stone. It helps sevens handle feelings of grief and sadness without getting lost in them. Labradorite is inspiring and full of possibilities, as the mind of a seven, it also helps you see things from different perspectives as well. 

Sapphire can help a seven focus but keep joy at the same time so that they won’t lose their joy while they’re trying to stay focused. Then sunstone is a leadership stone and sevens can make for magnetic leaders, and they can also help increase joy in a seven.

Meg: Yay. Those are good choices there. Enneagram is such a fun topic.


Oils & Crystals For Enneagram Type Eight

Haylee: Enneagram eight. They are nicknamed the challenger. They are strong powerful types and they’re also very driven so ones, threes, and eights show up in the world with a lot of expectations, dreams, and ideals. Ones, threes, and eights really get stuff done.

Meg: Eights can also be controlling and maybe even aggressive or perceived that way but that’s usually driven by their need to protect themselves. A healthy eight a is open-hearted, deeply caring, and a major defender of the underdog. Steph said in her episode last week how she has such a soft spot for eights. I think once you really get to know the heart of an eight you would understand that for sure. 

Martin Luther King Jr., I think enneagram coaches guessed, he was an Enneagram eight and it’s beautiful. Defender of the underdog. Love it.

Haylee: The oils we chose for type eights are vetiver and marjoram, both extremely calming and grounding. I personally love the smell of vetiver. Some people love it. Some people don’t but that’s just like patchouli. If you don’t love it, mix it with something else. Mix it with lavender or even orange or something like that. But it suits feelings of anger and irritability, emotions eights can often feel while also promoting a sense of balance and calm.

It can have a sedating effect helpful for eights who feel overwhelmed and have a difficult time sleeping or resting. It’s a very thick oil if you try to get it out. It’s has a honey or syrup consistency.

Meg: So, this is so weird, but before I put it in my diffuser, if I have other things to do, I just tuck it in my armpit and walk around. Then it comes out because who has the patience to just stand there? If it’s cold enough, it just won’t even come out. Unless you warm it up so you can put it in your armpit or your bra or something.

Haylee: Yep, done all those. Then marjoram is a calming oil, very similar to chamomile, and it’s also thought by some cultures to protect the heart. People can often think of eights as prickly or unapproachable but eights are usually simply trying to protect themselves and marjoram can help release this need. 

Crystals for type eight are tiger’s eye, amethyst, green jade, and citrullin. Those are all great for type eight. So, a little about each one. 

Meg: Green jade helps type eight partner healthfully with their deep feelings of love and passion. Amethyst brings a tremendous amount of balance to an eight’s strong emotions. Then Citrine is a power and abundance stone. Haylee mentioned it helps eights use their natural power for good. Then lastly, tiger’s eye. It’s a feel-good stone that reminds eights of their inner beauty and goodness. 

Haylee: They’re all such nice ones. I want a slideshow showing you the oils as we talked about them because I keep saying oils and crystals but can’t picture all of them. I’m picturing the ones. 

Meg: Yeah, we have to make some slides and put them on Pinterest and Instagram where people can see them. 


Oils & Crystals For Enneagram Type Nine

Haylee: Yeah, good idea. Enneagram type nines. This is my type. So, I’ll tell you if it’s true or not. Our nickname is the peacekeeper. So, type nines are the glue that holds the rest of us together. They’re often called the peacemakers because they are able to see both sides of the coin and work for a resolution. A nines biggest fear is separation or division. These things feel like loss to them. 

However, in their quest for peace, nines sometimes lose their own sense of self. Yes, I can agree with this. So, a healthy nine is learning how to be their own person, even while having empathy for others, and also understands that conflict can be healthy. I tell myself this every day that it can be healthy and it’s needed. 

Meg: That is so true about them seeing both sides of the coins, and even being devil’s advocate. My mom is a nine and before I knew about the Enneagram, as a teenager, that used to annoy me. Like, “No, just side with me. You don’t have to be so nice and see their side.” But it is such a strength and a gift. 

Even in our recent work conversation that you and I had, it made me feel so seen that you had said to someone else, “I think what Meg is saying is this.” It’s so comforting when a nine and can just hold space for every opinion or viewpoint. 

Haylee: Yeah, I think that’s very, very true for nine so, it’s very great strength for sure. Thank you. There’s an Instagram account called “Actual Enneagram.” It’s basically just Enneagram memes and once you learn a little bit more about the Enneagram you should follow this account. It is hilarious. Every time they post one, especially about my own type, because they just hit it right on the head. I love them. Always brightens my day. So, give them a follow. 

Meg: Yes, they’re so funny.

Haylee: They’re great. Oils that we chose for nines are orange and petitgrain. So, orange is an energizing citrus oil that can help ward off depression as we’ve mentioned so many times already. 

Meg: So true, and they can also help get rid of fear and worry. 

Haylee: So, nines can use orange to increase feelings of joy and peace. Even when the world around them seems bleak. Petitgrain is a calming and balancing oil. It’s sometimes used by ones and sevens when they’re allowed inner critics are taking over, but it could also be used by nines to promote quiet and confidence when they feel that other people’s voices are too loud and they can’t hear their own. 

Crystals for nines would be white howlite, masonite emerald, and rose quartz. So, white howlite can help calm negativity and upset that occurs for nine when conflict is present.

Meg: White howlite is really pretty. It looks marble. So, it’s white with black or gray veins in it, and you can usually see it tumbled. So, it’s a really easy one to hold when there’s conflict happening. Yeah, masonite is another deeply calming and tranquil stone and it can help inspire courage and a nine and the ability to speak their truth when needed.

Haylee: I love the Masonite too. I love all these actually. Emerald can help a nine tap into their superpower which is unity, bringing people together. Emerald is sometimes called the friendship stone. 

Meg: No way. That’s so cool.

Haylee: Yeah, and then rose quartz, of course, is the ultimate love and relationships stone, and it can help a nine encourage deeper, richer, better relationships for their loved ones.

Meg: Yeah, love all these. That was so fun. 

Haylee: That was really fun. I love it. 

Meg: We hope that it was fun for you guys listening, too, and we hope that you learned something today and that you feel excited about your oil and crystal pairings to your Enneagram type. Obviously, even if that doesn’t sound right for you, there’s a lot of stereotypes with the Enneagram. 

The Enneagram is not meant to box you in at all. We mentioned to see all different types within yourself. We hope that you learn something and feel excited about it.

Since we talked about oils and the Enneagram, Whimsy + Wellness has an enneagram roller bottle set. It is so cute. I have my type six one, and you get a roller for your core type. So for me, I have my six roller. You get to other rollers that are the type that you go to in growth and stress, which you can look up super easily. For example, Enneagram sixes go to nine in growth and three in stress. It’s the numbers across from you on the Enneagram chart, and so you get both of those rollers as well. So, it’s a set of three 

Haylee: So, the enneagram set comes with three rollers, as Megan mentioned, but it also comes with a sticker sheet of labels that you can put on your bottles. That’s so cute. It was designed by an enneagram artist. I partnered with her and so we designed these specifically for each type and they’re so cute.

Meg: I love them. Yes, they’re so cute. You can get your own set at If you use the code PODCAST, you get 10% off, we very rarely offer discounts. So, this is just for you listening to us speak right now, insiders only. We also have quite a few of the crystals that we mentioned, maybe not every single one but a lot of them will have in a roller bottle or as a roller top or even as crystals to hold in your hands. 

So, you can go on our website and search for the name of the crystal in our search and see if it pops up and see if it’s in a form that you love it in, and you can get 10% off of those as well. 

Haylee: Yay. I know. It’s so exciting. I know this was really, really fun. As Meg said, I really hope that you learned something and you know what piques your interest in Enneagram if you haven’t dived into it yet. And if you have, then hopefully you’ve learned something new or heard a friend’s type and are like, “I have to tell them they should try this way, this crystal, and all of those things.” So, thank you so much for listening. 

Meg: Yes, thanks, friends. Bye-bye.

Join Haylee Crowley, Creator of Whimsy + Wellness, and Meg Ryan, content creator at Whimsy + Wellness, to talk all things wellness, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and womanhood.


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