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2: Get To Know Meg: Host Of The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast

whimsy and wellness podcast ep 2 meet meg
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast
2: Get To Know Meg: Host Of The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast

If you’re curious about how the Whimsy and Wellness Podcast got started, the themes we’ll talk about and the host behind it, hit that play button! 

In this episode, Haylee is turning the tables and interviewing ME (Meg) so our audience can get to know me. We are deep-diving into how I came to host the Whimsy and Wellness podcast and why my personality aligns perfectly with the job description. We’ll talk about what motivates my curiosity about people, why kids should focus on WHO they want to be when they grow up (not WHAT they want to be), my favorite podcasts, and so much more. Plus, Haylee and I expand on why we want to share essential oils and crystals with the world.

What we covered:

  • Why Meg took the reins of being the podcast host
  • Focusing on who you want to be, not what you want to be
  • The importance of honest and raw conversations
  • Being brave and hearing people’s stories
  • Books and podcasts for personal growth

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Want to get to know your host of the Whimsy and Wellness Podcast? Today, Haylee is turning the tables on Meg and asking her all the questions on what makes her tick, why her personality is perfect for hosting a podcast, what life looked like growing up, and why kids need to focus on WHO they want to be as they grow up (not what they want to be). Plus you’ll learn Meg’s favorite books, podcasts, crystals, oils and so much more!

Haylee: Hi, friends, it’s Haylee. Today we’re doing a little special bonus episode because I’m really excited for you to get to know Meg, your host. We’re going to turn the tables a bit in this episode, and I’ll be interviewing Meg.

Meg: Okay, I’m so excited. And I’m a little nervous to have the tables turned on me. This is like, I feel like I’m on a first date. But in the best way.

Haylee:  Yeah, our first podcast date where you get to be the one being questioned. Yes. Don’t be nervous. I’m here to make you feel comfortable on our first date. Oh, good. Now it feels like a doctor’s office or something.


How The Whimsy and Wellness Podcast Came To Be

Okay, so you want to we can talk a little bit about the podcast and how we decided for you to be the host. And what do you think? 

Meg: Yeah, that sounds great. 

Haylee: Okay, so this idea for a podcast came about? Like, probably like four or five months ago, right?  It was warm out. So I’m in New York. And it’s like, literally four degrees here friends. And I remember it was warm out because I had a girl in the baby carrier, and we were talking on Marco Polo. So it had to have been like September or something. Or October. So it’s been a while.

And we were just talking and you were like, one of my dreams is to be a podcast host someday. And I was like, What? Really? You’re like, yeah. And I was like, why don’t we start a podcast? That’s like how it went, right? 

Meg: Yeah. Yeah, pretty much it was. 

Haylee: Then we were just like, wouldn’t it be cool? And then all of a sudden, it’s just a thing. It’s happening. I think we talked about as a business that podcasts are becoming much bigger. And we both mentioned that there’s not really a podcast that talks about all these different things that we are really interested in. That we know, our current customers are interested in as well.So we thought, well, that’d be kind of cool to be able to be the ones giving that. And then when you said that your dream was to be a host. I was like, well, that’s perfect, because that was never one of my dreams. I thought a podcast would be cool. But I don’t want to be the host.  And you thought podcasts are cool, and you did want to be the host. And it was like, well, this is perfect. 

Meg: Yeah, that’s exactly how it went. I remember you saying, so the interviewing part doesn’t excite me. And I’m just like, Where do I sign up? It excites me. Yeah, I said that if I could be a host, I would want to be like a mix of Ellen and Taylor Swift.

Haylee:  I love it. I mean, obviously, I trust you. Once you said, that was your dream. I was like, well, this is perfect. Because I think that the way that you talk with people, and the way that you can empathize with people is like, one of your absolute strengths. 

You make people feel comfortable instantly, like as soon as you start talking with them. I know for me, over Polo and everything we just, you make people feel comfortable. And I knew that any guests that came on would be in the best of hands. 

Meg: Oh, thank you. I love people. COVID 19 has been hard for me because I’m just like, Can we hug again? Can I see people? Can I smile at strangers? Not behind a mask? 

Haylee: I know. Yeah, that’s true. Absolutely. Okay, so you shared a little bit about yourself in our episode zero, but we’re gonna go a little bit deeper to learn more about you. So I’m just going to ask you some questions. You just answer how you feel.

Don’t be nervous. Okay, so let’s start from the very beginning back when you are a little girl, tell me about little Meg. 


Who Is Little Meg?

Meg: Oh my gosh. Okay. Little Meg. So I’m the youngest of three. And I feel like I’m very typically the youngest. Like I tried to use my cuteness to get away with things a lot. For sure. And my dad always tells the story that in the mornings, I would get up and my brother would just want to watch TV and chill and I would always be creating. I would have some craft masterpiece at the table and he’s just like, Can we just relax at 6am? But so that was me. I was always creating, or I would record myself singing on like a cassette tape. And just about anything, literally anything. Um, and so Taylor Swift sit com.  

So that I was just very free, spirited, outgoing, all of that. And I think it’s super ironic. Now being a podcast host because every single like elementary school report card it all says like, Meg is a great student but does better with less socializing, or like socializes a little too much. 

I was always talking and teachers would move my seat away. Like, oh, we’re gonna move you from this person, because you talk too much. And then I would just be like, Hey, how are ya? Like, it didn’t matter who I was next to. And so I just think it’s so funny now that my job is to literally talk to people and that was always my downfall in school was talking too much. Showed them teachers. Haha, this is my job now. I get paid to do this now. Yes. So all you little listeners out there who can’t stop talking. It’ll be a gift. One day, just host your own podcast. And yeah, there you go.

Haylee: I love that. I love all those things. That’s so fun. Okay, next question. Where if you went to college, what did you go to college for? 

Why College Isn’t For Everyone

Meg: Okay, so I went to college for one semester. Love it. So I went for social work. So I actually didn’t really want to go to college, because it just didn’t really feel like the right thing for me. But you know how it goes. The pressure of having to go and knowing, needing or feeling like I needed to know what I wanted to do when I grew up. And I really struggled with that. 

But I knew that I loved people, and I loved helping people. So I just chose social work. And I thought I would be a children’s counselor. And seriously, Social Workers of the World need all the praise, they are the biggest hearted people. But I remember sitting in class, and there was a Department of Social Services panel, and all different people stood up and said  what they did, and I just left there and called my mom crying. And I was like, I can’t do this. I’ll end up adopting 40 kids, because I’m too much of a softy, I would end up taking all the kids home. 

So then I was like, I just kind of felt like this wasn’t for me. And college is expensive, as you guys know. So I just left and I felt really strong in that decision, but also really insecure and kind of ashamed because everyone else was going. I remember longing to get out of the college age, because I just was so over seeing people and them being like, what are you studying in college? That’s all we ask 21 year olds. So now when I see that age group, I’m like, don’t ask them about college, because maybe they don’t want to be asked. 

I struggled for a long time figuring out what I wanted to do. That was a roundabout answer of saying, I only went for one semester. 

Haylee: That’s so interesting, because I actually went to grad school for counseling as well, career counseling, though. And I dropped out after one and a half semesters, because it might say it’s very similar reasons. I was like, This is not what I thought it was gonna be. And I don’t think I’m cut out for it. And, and then, yeah, I ended up starting Whimsy and Wellness a little bit after that. 

But I totally relate to that feeling of, I don’t know what I want to do, and everybody’s like, what are you going to do? Like, what do you want your job to be? Like, I don’t know. And even when I was in college, I mean, I eventually just chose a major to finish. But I was like, I don’t know what I want to do. 

Meg: I think it’s so much more common than we think inside. I think it’s just normal to act like we know what we’re doing, whether it’s a career or something else. We feel like we have to act like we have it all together. So then just more and more people feel alone. But I just think it’s more common than not for people to be like, I don’t know what I want to do. 

I remember just being really upset about this whole topic, like a year ago. And Dave saying to me, just don’t focus on that. Who do you want to be? And that was like, this huge lightbulb moment for me. Like, if we can just figure out who do I want to be? And really get clear on that, how do I want to make people feel and all of that who then the what will just follow, you know?

Because there’s not a kindergartener that’s like, I want to work for Whimsy and Wellness. There’s just so many jobs that are so particular. It’s hard to like to dream that up. It just kind of happens. And but if we know who we want to be, and our interest, then the what will just follow. 

Haylee: Yeah, I love that. We should all have that perspective. All right. So with the MDM on this podcast, we’re really focusing on natural health and wellness, crystals, motherhood, personal growth and female entrepreneurship. Can you tell us a little bit more about your personal journey and how it ties in with our key themes that I mentioned? 


Meg’s Personal Journey With The Podcast Themes

Meg: Yes. So okay, natural health and wellness. I’ve been super into it for four years now. Basically, when I was introduced to essential oils, my mind and world was kind of opened up to all the natural health and wellness stuff. It’s a whole new world, I always say that using essential oils and natural health and wellness. It’s like learning another language. 

So got introduced to that, like four years ago, through using essential oils. And I kind of started ditching toxic products and just being more mindful and intentional about the household products and personal care products. 

As far as crystals, I didn’t own anything about them until three months ago when you sent me one for Christmas.  I’m a newbie, and I hope that that encourages listeners that you don’t have to be a professional chrysler – I am coining that word – to belong here. So we’re all at different stages. And so yeah, crystals. I’m not super familiar with but I own two. 

Motherhood. I became a mom in 2021. My son. Motherhood, man. Moms know that whole statement is just yeah. I absolutely love it, though. You asked me about when I was a little girl and I always had a baby doll. Like I’ve wanted to be a mom forever. When people said, What do you want to be when you grow up? I said a mom. I always had a baby doll. I used to make my mom pretend that my baby dolls were real babies. When we went out of the house I would yell at her if she called it a doll in front of strangers. I’d be like, Mom, Cindy is real. That was my baby’s name. And one time, it was pouring rain. And I had Cindy with me. And she had a car seat that I always buckled her into. And it was pouring rain. And my mom’s like, Okay, come on, get in the car. And I’m like, we have to buckle Cindy and she’s like, no, throw her in. And there was a guy next to us. And he’s just like, horrified looking at my mom thinking that my baby

was real and that like my mom’s just like throw her and my poor mom. But I’ve always wanted to be a mom forever. So being a mom is just like the absolute greatest but it’s definitely definitely hard sometimes for sure.

Haylee: You gotta buckle Cindy in the rain.


Meg On Personal Growth

Meg: Yeah, thankfully, Cindy gave me a lot of motherhood experience. And then personal growth. This is something that fires me up. And I know it’s trendy and cliche, but I just love personal growth. I think my first introduction to it was through self help books. The very first one I read was You are a bad fill in the blank. I don’t know if we have a bleeper on the show. But that book is by Jen Sincero. And it was so good. And it just really fired me up. 

Then I just kept reading more and more and more, I think I just went to the Amazon recommended after that and read a bunch. And I love learning about marketing and entrepreneurship and mindsets and all of that. I think personal growth can appeal to everyone, no matter what you’re interested in. Whether it’s just in the enneagram or getting to know your strengths or Strength Finders. 

I made Haylee take this summer. I’m like, okay, buy this book by Strength Finders. So yeah, I really love it. And female entrepreneurship I already mentioned too, but it’s definitely a passion

of mine, whether it’s like supporting other female entrepreneurs, or I did the essential oil business for like three and a half years. And I was a photographer, I forgot to mention that. So I did family, photography and babies and all of that for like four years. Of course, I had a baby a little sooner.

Maybe Sunday should make an appearance on the show or something. No, that’d be creepy. Okay. mask before I scare our listener, handle that note? 

Haylee: Thank you for sharing all of that. And explaining what each of the topics are, and then how they relate to you. I love them all, too. 

You’re distracting me with the Cindy comments. Just imagining Cindy next to you like just a little creepy doll there. Okay. So you mentioned in our trailer for the podcast, that you are hoping to go deeper and more vulnerable. And that honest and raw conversations are really important to you. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? 

The Importance of Honest and Raw Conversations

Meg: Yeah, I’ve never been a small talker. I mean, I can talk about pain friends. But I’m not fueled by it. But walking away from a deep, vulnerable conversation. I just feel like my cup is filled up. Whether that’s talking about someone’s dreams with female entrepreneurship, or, like, even someone struggles with something hard that they’re going through or something like that. I’ve just always really loved that. 

I think vulnerability is really intimidating. And so it’s easy to stay at the surface level. But when we can really just go beneath that, it’s hard to ever go back once we know that we can ask these questions. And it’s also really cool.

When you ask someone a deeper question, or you’re like, what’s a dream you’ve always had? You can see they’re kind of caught off guard because they’re used to just being like, so how’s the weather? You know? Even though I enjoy all of that. I am definitely still guilty of getting caught up in small talk. 

I was complimenting Haylee’s floors before we were on video on a zoom doing this interview. I’m definitely not a professional at it, but it’s still important to me. 

Haylee: I mean, I’m a small talker. I don’t mind it. Yeah, I think the more vulnerable conversations, like you said, are hard for people. But I feel like it’s one of your strengths, as I mentioned at the beginning, is with people. So do you feel like you’ve always been good at that? You mentioned, self help, maybe was it after you started reading books? 


Being Brave Enough To Hear People’s Stories

Meg: No, I’ve just always wanted to know what people’s dreams are. I was sitting in the classroom talking to people. I feel like I’m a very empathetic person. I’ve always kind of been drawn to people’s stories, even like the harder parts. Even if it was someone I didn’t really know. I would always be drawn if someone was struggling. I would somehow be there, but I don’t think  it was always a strength. And it actually used to make me really uncomfortable to go there with people and because not only is the conversation itself, hard and vulnerable  but the start of it can be hard, because there’s the chance for someone to close you off and not welcome you into that conversation. 

So that’s partially rejection. And that’s so hard. Haylee and I are going to do an episode on grief. But when I myself experienced loss, I so badly wanted people to be able to ask me truly how I was doing or just even talk about my loved one. I could sense their uncomfortableness. And I was always just like, why do we, when we run into someone in the store and we know they’re going through something, not say anything? Which I am guilty of. I do that all the time. It’s hard to go there. But being on the other end of it, I guess and knowing that feeling of like, I just wish that they were brave enough to say something. I try to be brave and just kind of go first and say, how are you really doing? 

Yeah. It’s just even a simple question like that. You can tell when someone’s like, how are you? like as a normal greeting versus when they stop and look at you? And they’re like, how are you?

You do, you get caught off guard. You’re like, What? Oh, you like, actually want me to tell you how I’m doing? Yes. And so I think that’s so important. Mm hmm. Yeah. When someone when you can feel that someone actually cares. And it’s not that people who say, Hey, how are you? It’s not that they don’t care. It’s just that we’re so used to a greeting. 

I feel like how are you has become the new Hello. It’s just what we say. And I know for me, even my response is second nature now to say, Good, how are you? Even if it’s like the worst day of my life? I’m like, good. How are you? Good. Okay, on to the next thing. Yeah.

It’s refreshing when someone’s like, how are you really doing? It’s like, well, who told you what? 

Haylee: I just, I love that quote. This is so cheesy, but I really love the quote about leaving people better than you found them. I just want to live like that. That’s super important to me. And so I think being awkward and going first. I mean, like, you can tell me if you don’t want to talk about this.

It’s part of who you are, like you said, and now it’s part of what you do. Yeah. Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful. Look at that. Making your dreams come true over here. Yes. But not that, like you said. It’s part of who you are, and then it became part of what you do now. Yeah, so cool, because that’s just something that you truly, really believe in and which is ultimately why I know you were the perfect host. Thank you full circle. Full Circle. Yes. Okay, so we’ll get to some fun questions now. Not that those weren’t fun. Those were also very fun.

Okay, so you do some rapid fire questions with our guests. And with me when I’m on the show, as well, so I wanted to do something with you to know you a little bit more.

Okay, you’re ready? If you could choose three words to describe yourself, what would they be? 


Describing Meg

Meg: Oh, this is hard. Um, I would say so I always describe myself as a wildflower. Because wild flowers aren’t planted, they just pop up. And that is very much part of my story. I dropped out of college. I had a baby before I was married. A lot of what I have done with my life isn’t the traditional path. But it’s still beautiful, just like wild flowers. Because they’re not planted on purpose doesn’t mean anything. And so I think wildflower. 

Oh my gosh, I talk so much. I can’t just give the answer. 

Haylee: No. I like it. I like it. And I wanted an explanation. It was warranted. 

Meg: Okay, so wildflower, then I would say witty and compassionate.

Haylee: I love this. would agree. Okay, so when you’re not hosting the Whimsy and Wellness podcast, what are you doing? Um, well, being a mom takes up a lot of time. 100% of the time.

That’s probably what I’m mostly doing. If you guys were a fly on the wall, I would be taking care of Acre. He’s 10 months old, so he keeps me quite busy.

And then Cindy, she keeps me busy. People are gonna be so confused. Cindy, her kid, or who is Cindy? Nope. Cindy was my baby doll. Um, okay. I also besides motherhood, which does take up a lot of time, I love baking. I don’t like cooking. But I do love baking. And reading, I love I love walks outside, like on nature trails and stuff like that. 

But don’t mistake that with hiking, because I’m always nervous about bears. I always I like to say walks in nature, but not so far as hiking because I don’t want bears up in my walk. Talking with friends, family. That’s a surprise. I feel like I’m not that interesting for this question. But that’s what I like. 

Haylee: I feel the same when people are like, what do you like to do for fun? I’m like, great question. What do I like to do for fun? I was laughing so hard about that you’re worried about bears? Because the next question I’m going to ask you is what’s your enneagram number? And I already know it and so I was laughing because you being afraid of bears?

It’s so on-point. 

Meg: So if you enneagram people out there know the enneagram I’m sure you’re guessing right. So I’m a six. I’m a six with a very strong seven wing. For a while I couldn’t figure out if I was a six or seven. I felt like 50/50. But I think for sure at my core, I’m a six. I think I just lean on my seven wing very heavily. And I have like no five anywhere in me. 

Enneagram 6

Haylee: So yeah, people that are familiar with enneagram. Could you just say just a very short description of what an enneagram a typical enneagram six? 

Meg: Yes. So the enneagram six is the loyalist. So the reason Haylee made that joke is because sixes are like stereotypical worriers, worst case scenario. Not like pessimistic but just always kind of preparing. It’s on their mind what could go wrong. And so every time I’m on a hike or a walk, I’m like looking left and right for like Bob cats or bears. I live in upstate New York, like, there’s probably not going to be a bear. But most people are just like, oh, wow, look at the hills and the tall green grass. And I’m just like, looking. Um, so yeah, they are like that. 

And then I actually, a lot of sixes are witty. So that’s kind of funny that I chose that word now that I’m thinking about this. And it’s not a good description of a six.

Haylee: I don’t think so. My husband is a six as well. So yes, I know, a little bit of Russ, and I relate. Yeah, in our six way. Yeah, but I mean, you talk about worst case scenario thinking which sixes tend to do but like, I don’t do that ever. And so it’s actually very helpful when Russ is like, Oh, well, you know, did you think about this? And I’m like, No, I actually did not. So thank you for thinking of that. So that we can you know, talk? 

Meg: Yeah, I feel like some people consider it a weakness or a strength, but it really is dependent on the scenario because we really need all the different types of people to do all the different things. 

Yeah, I agree. And I always get defensive when people say that sixes are so scared and worst case scenario, because I’m definitely not outwardly always like that. But like you said, with Russ, because I always feel like I’m very prepared when something does go wrong, because I have thought it through. So in that way, it’s a strength sometimes. I mean, the anxiety of having it always happen is hard. But when something does go wrong, I’m the first one to be like, Okay, this is what we do. Everything’s fine. We definitely need all the types for sure.

Haylee: That was a good point. Yeah. So I just always like to say that a few weeks ago, the power went out at our house. And literally within 30 seconds Russ had appeared with all the flashlights in our home, turning them all on doing all this like and I was like, Oh, see, I’m so thankful because I don’t even know where the flashlight is in our house. 

Oh, we need them. Yeah, like that. Yes. If you guys don’t know the enneagram definitely look it up. There’s only nine types and you can figure out your own type and it’s definitely a rabbit hole of a topic, but it’s really fun to do a rabbit hole of self growth. 

Okay. What is your favorite book right now or of all time you choose? 

Favorite Books & Podcasts

Meg: Okay, I would say either it’s a tie between Love Warrior and Untamed, which are both by Glennon Doyle. I love Glennon Doyle so much. So I would say it’s a tie between those two. Okay, but I do love Brene Brown. So she’s my girl.

Haylee: She just did a heart sign up her hands for those of you that are not watching the video.

Just so you know what’s happening and why we’re laughing. Okay, what is your favorite podcast besides the one that you host? 

Meg: Ours? Of course, of course. Um, okay, so I said I love Brene. So I love Unlocking Us. Her podcast, I think that’s been out like a year. That’s really good. And then she has a new one called Dare To Lead on leadership. And I really liked that too. She’s just a really great teacher. 

And like I said, I love personal growth. And then the Add Mileage show I really like to and Okay, sorry, I talked so much but the Ed Mylett Show, if you’re not familiar, he’s like a very masculine man. And at the end of each episode, he says, max out everybody. 

So the other night, the other night Dave and I were joking that like at the end of the Whimsey and Wellness podcast, I just feel like this is the Whimsy and Wellness podcast max out everybody. So that’s funny, but I I love his show. He asks really, really great questions, and he has some great guests on but I always get going when he says max out everybody.

Haylee: So what does that even mean?

Meg: I guess it just means like, do your best. I think so. max out. I’m gonna start saying that too. I like it better than do your best, max out. Have a great day, max out. And he was in this really deep voice that just makes you feel like I’m gonna max out for sure. And then – sorry, I have so many – Oprah Supersoul conversations I love and Goop. I’ll stop there.

Haylee: All right, those are good ones to Yeah, I started listening to Dare To Lead after you said that, too. And I’ve really been liking it too. So yeah, good recommendation, especially for people who are maybe new to podcasts or like, I don’t know what to, or I feel like true crime is what you hear about with podcasts. And it’s like, I don’t want to listen to that all the time. I need new stuff. I know. And my physical self is like, I can’t listen to true crime. Like I’m already afraid of  someone on my roof out the window. Like I don’t need to hear about in my earbuds.

So absolutely. no judgment or true crime fans. Yeah, yeah. There’s a time and a place for it. But yes, for me, it’s not all the time. Okay, what would a dream guest be to have on the show? If you could just choose one.

Meg:  Oh my gosh. Okay, I’m trying to think Who? I have three. So I’m trying to choose between my three I guess. Hmm. Ah, because what if one of them comes on? Okay, I’m gonna say, Glennon Doyle. I love her.

Haylee: Yeah, her books are your favorite.

Meg: Yeah, I love her. So yeah, forgive me. Forgive me, Brene and Taylor Swift. Okay.

Haylee: Okay, what is your favorite oil right now?

Meg: So, right now, I’ve been crushing on sage. But not by itself. I like it diffused with other things like orange or lavender, patchouli, that kind of thing. And then my favorite blend right now is Harmony, which is a Young Living blend that has a bunch of floral oils in it. It’s kind of pricey. So my tip is to buy it with essential rewards points. 

If you’re not a Young Living member, and you can always just google search, what’s in Harmony? And you could try to make it yourself. 

Haylee: Mm hmm. It does smell really good. 

Meg: It is. Yeah, that’s my favorite right now. 

Favorite Crystal

Haylee: Okay, you mentioned that you’re new to crystals. So this might be either really easy because you only own two or really hard because you’re just not sure. But what’s your favorite crystal right now? 

Meg: Oh, for sure. sunstone. I can answer that. I don’t know why. Because I’m not a chrysler but I’ve always been drawn to sunstone. I texted Haylee, like months ago and was like, do you have any sunstone? And you were like, I just got a shipment, actually. And I’m like, put me down. 

I don’t know why I was so drawn to it. Well, I know why. Because crystals have energy. And I was drawn to its energy. And I googled sunstone to see what it does and all of that.

And it was so crazy. 

I have an awful memory. So I can’t tell you. I think it’s like creativity and courage, which I thought was crazy. Because my enneagram six, sometimes I need some courage. I don’t know. It was just really crazy. So that’s my favorite right now. And so pretty. 

Haylee: Yeah. I love that. I think that exactly what you did is how you should start with crystals. Especially if you’re like, I don’t know anything about them. I don’t know what to do. 

So where did you first see or sunstone originally? 

Meg: I feel like I saw it on Instagram or something. 

Haylee: Okay, so you were just drawn to a picture like you never even saw in person. 

Meg: Yeah, it was only a picture. 

Haylee: Yeah. So for people that don’t have a crystal shop near you or anything, that’s okay. Just look at pictures and be like this one. This is the one that’s calling to me for whatever reason. You googled it and read about it, and that and I would say like 9 times out of 10 when you read about it, you’re like, Oh my gosh, it was spot on. Yeah. How crazy. 

Meg: It is. My mom did the same thing with a crystal recently. She was like, What? This is crazy. She’s like, this is kind of creepy. I was like, Well, yeah, you were drawn to it. It’s super weird. It’s cool. 

Haylee: I love hearing stories like that. Okay. What is your late night guilty pleasure?

Meg: Oh, For sure, Justin’s peanut butter cups. If you haven’t tried them like, oh, and it has to be the dark chocolate unless you’re like a dark chocolate hater. I mean, I like milk chocolate, but the dark chocolate ones are just unreal. I have a stash next to my chair in the living room, which I sound like such an eight year old sitting next to my chair. 

But that I hide from Dave in a basket like I have it tucked under things so he doesn’t eat them. And at night, I just like slide my hand in my basket and take out my Justin’s peanut butter cup. They’re so good.

Haylee: I’m just picturing that and I feel like for me, it’s like that’s what I do for my kids. It’ll probably one day before maker once he describes it. It will be you have to literally hide really a lot. 

One time my niece before I had my own kids was like, What are you eating? Like nothing should open your mouth. I can see it was like Okay. Yeah, it’s and they’re there. 

Meg: They’re more expensive than your ordinary peanut butter cups. And so that’s why I hide them from Dave. I’m not like an awful person, but they’re just expensive. And he doesn’t know any different. He’ll just like, it doesn’t matter, but doesn’t appreciate it. Yeah, he doesn’t appreciate the delicacy that they are. And it deserved to be hidden from him. 

They have ruined other peanut butter cups for me. Like I used to love all peanut butter cups and Justin’s set the bar so high that now I’m like a peanut butter cup snob. 

Haylee: Wow. Maybe we need to reach out to them for an ad because you can’t like I can’t give the most genuine like unsponsored sponsored video right now. This isn’t sponsored, but I feel bad.

Meg: I feel bad people are probably listening and now craving them. I hate when people post desserts on Instagram Stories late at night because I’m like, why did you do that? Now? I want it. That’s so rude.

Haylee: Oh my gosh. It’s so funny. All right. After this, we’ll all be going getting peanut butter cups. Justin variety. I wish I could watch your sales just today. Okay, last question. Okay. What is the fun fact about you that we may not know? 

Meg: Okay, um, well, you know this, but other people might not know that I was an Irish dancer for seven years. And I competed and all of that. So that’s my fun fact.

Haylee: So yeah, we’re gonna have to put a link to your dancing in the show notes or something.

Meg: Oh, gosh. I still wear the wig and everything. 

Haylee: Oh my gosh, I didn’t know there are wigs involved? 

Meg: Yeah, cuz you have to have a photo. Oh, I think they’re lost. You are vulnerable, be very vulnerable. Okay. I’m pretty sure it is. 

Haylee: It is a fun pastime. It’s just the wigs are not my best moment. Plus, like a lot of people tan their legs. And I am like the realest person ever. Like most in the winter, you can pretty much just see all of my veins. I’m that pale. And so it’s just like the orange legs. 

Haylee: Oh, man. That’s the best. That’s the perfect way to end this. So thank you so much for sharing all of these things about yourself. I learned so much. Yes. I hope that it was entertaining. It was entertaining. We’ll be sure to put up those photos in the notes ASAP.

Haylee:  I hope you guys had fun getting to know your host a little bit more. And thank you so much for listening.

Meg: Yes. Thanks, guys.

Join Haylee Crowley, Creator of Whimsy + Wellness, and Meg Ryan, content creator at Whimsy + Wellness, to talk all things wellness, entrepreneurship, motherhood, and womanhood.


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